WARNING - The following content contains spoilers for anyone who has not already played the game's main narrative adventure. Read at your own risk.

The following is a list of the levels in the game, in the order they are discovered in the game:

Isle of Dawn - the first level you encounter where you are introduced to the game's controls and features for the first time. This looks like a sandy beach, and there is a temple high atop a hill.

Daylight Prairie - this is the first level you really get to fly in, where you meet the mantas, and are surrounded by clouds.

Hidden Forest - this is the dark gloomy forest where the rain drains your character of its energy, and the first place you discover burnable dark matter.

Valley of Triumph - this is the snowy downhill race through the peaks of a frozen valleys that leads you to a great coliseum.

Golden Wasteland - this is the desolate wasteland where the terrible krill patrol high high above, waiting to swoop down on the descendants below.

Vault of Knowledge - this is the starry library where you must ascend through the floors of a great tower with the help of celestial creatures.

Eye of Eden - this is the treacherous maelstrom of stone and hail that very few have ever survived.

The Ascent - this is the flight through the peaks and into the open skies above.

The Light - the final location.

There is also a special level where you can warp between levels, connect with and manage friends called Home.