Greetings Adventurers!

This update is primarily focused on bug fixes and quality of life improvements reported by our loyal players!  We appreciate all of your bug reports and persistence in helping Sky be the best that it can be! Read about the fixes below:

Bug Fixes

- Season intro cutscene in Home will play properly now if haven’t seen yet
- Portals in Home will now open properly after Eden
- The 1st heart in top right currency UI will show up properly now
- The Shout spirits will now not require going back to the temple if someone else triggered them
- Fixed a number of bugs with size and chibi mask
- Black sphere will no longer appear from the Isle of Dawn temple
- Fixed a button not showing up to summon Oreo
- Screenshot pixelation glitch is now fixed
- Fixed crash happening after in app purchases for certain players with lots of progress


- Added hint to rise button in Dawn tutorial after first cave
- Collecting Season Spirits will now be available in Home constellation immediately after completing their quest

Misc fixes

- Made ultimate umbrella colors glow a bit more
- Minor level tweaks and improvements