Greetings, adventurers!In preparation for the winter holidays, we have a new patch update for you. Check out the details below.
Winter Holidays
We’re celebrating… and you’re invited!
  • Join us in the secret level for some festive decorations and cheer. The barrier to the secret level will be removed from December 22 to January 2nd, opening up chat at the dining table and offering a special holiday candle pack (25 candles with a bonus Feast Hat for 6.99).
  • Celebrate New Year’s Day around the world with a fireworks show every hour starting December 31 at 3AM PST.

Double Candle Event
  • Enjoy double Light from the gold Seasonal daily candles! If you find all eight candles in the daily kingdom, you will forge an extra Seasonal candle.
  • Event begins at midnight on December 22 and runs through January 2.

General Updates
  • To avoid confusion and wasting of players’ time, unless it’s a Daily Quest, players won’t be able to restart an Ancient Spirit quest that has been done before. 
    • Players can still see the starting point, but the flame icon will be gray, and a hint text will pop up if they tap the button.
    • Players can still help their friends after quests started.
  • Polish for new area in Vault of Knowledge.
  • Added SFX for new Vault of Knowledge area.

Bug Fixes
  • The Winged Light that was in an inaccessible area in Hidden Forest is now accessible.
  • Fixed issue where players would spawn out of boundary when transitioning in Hidden Forest.
  • Replaced red candles with white candles because they trigger the mural and are not supposed to provide any wax.
  • Removed wax reward from white candles because white candles are triggers and not supposed to provide any wax.
  • Message candle text was low opacity and difficult to read, and now has high opacity text.
  • Season of Belonging Constellation tips were incorrect. They have been changed to inform the player with the correct level which the Seasonal spirit is available.
  • Creature bones no longer have rendering issues in Vault of Knowledge.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!