Please keep in mind content found in Beta is subject to change before making its way to Live servers.

Welcome to the Season of Rhythm, the fourth season of Sky: Children of the Light. With this patch update comes many new and highly-anticipated items to collect, spirits to find, and additional fixes and polish. Read on to learn more.

Season of Rhythm

On Thursday January 23rd, a troupe of traveling performers will begin to arrive in the kingdom of Sky! The spirits are scattered across the lands and need your help to bring the show together.

Please note that those who previously purchased the Winter Season Adventure Pass or the Winter Musician’s Pack will automatically receive the Season of Rhythm Adventure Pass for free.
  • Home is getting a snowy makeover, turning it into an ice rink and adding a stage for all you aspiring performers.
  • Added a new Seasonal Spirit to Isle of Dawn.
  • Added additional cosmetics to be in line with other seasons.
  • Extended duration of season to 10 weeks—ending on April 2nd.

New (and Improved) Collectibles

Previously known as the Winter Season that was available during Limited Live for select regions prior to Global Launch, the Season of Rhythm brings a mix of new and improved returning items for you to collect:
  • Four new Pants (1 not previously seen)  
  • Two new Capes
  • Three new Music Sheets
  • Four new Masks (1 not previously seen)
  • Four new Hairstyles (1 not previously seen)
  • Two new Instruments (1 not previously seen)
  • Six new Expressions
  • New Seasonal Pendant

Traveling Spirits

Each weekend, one Traveling Spirit from a previous season will appear in Home and their memories will become available to relive for players who may have missed them. You will only be able to interact with the Traveling Spirits in-person while they are currently visiting for the weekend, so make sure to develop your friendship with the Spirits before they move on. 

Please note the currency costs will be different from their original season appearance, and details such as pricing and Spirit schedule are subject to change during the Beta. Shop items will use regular Candle, Heart, and Ascended Candle currencies to obtain.

New Player Experience

In our continued efforts to create a better new player experience we have made the following changes:

  • All portals to Home within the social areas of each level have been replaced by meditation shrines with a confirmation menu so that players don’t accidentally return to Home instead of progressing through the level. 
    • Home teleport bird statues also removed from within level areas. 
  • Portals in Home will no longer resume from last checkpoint, they will always load to the beginning of the level so that friends will no longer become separated because of different checkpoints.
  • Resume last checkpoint function is now done by using the new meditation circle in Home. 
  • Added teleport to Home button in the expression menu instead of being hidden in the utility menu.
    • When used from Home button will also return you to your last checkpoint.
  • Moved constellation gates to Prairie Cave and Nest and Keeper areas to ground level in the Butterfly Fields area.
    • Winged Light and candle placements adjusted to accommodate level design changes.
    • Added exit to Butterfly Catcher’s hut to streamline path to next area. 
    • Visual polish to Butterfly Fields area.
  • Improvements to directional flow in Isle of Dawn.


We will be celebrating the Lunar New Year with a Fireworks show on Friday January 24th and a Double heart event beginning at 00:00 Friday January 24th PST (UTC-8) and ending on Monday January 27th at 23:59 PST (UTC-8).

Updates and Fixes

  • Additional polish to existing Season of Winter cosmetics (pants, capes, masks) to highlight variances and be in line with current quality standards.
  • Fixed the Winged Light inside the tree trunk at the top of the 8-player puzzle elevator in Daylight Prairie.
  • Hint text for earning Hearts and Seasonal hearts updated for clarity.
  • Fixed some visual bugs on friends’ avatars viewed in the Friendship Constellation.
  • Fixed some load times on Android devices.
  • Fixed issue where notification count on App icon wouldn’t disappear after collecting gifts from friends.
  • Fixed crash occurring at the final sequence in Eye of Eden.
  • Fixed issue where friend’s star remained dim after sending gift of light.
  • Fixed issue where Record Video button would disappear.
  • Fixed issue where UI was not reflecting when a controller is connected to the device.
  • Fixed crash occurring after taking two screenshots on some Android devices
  • Fixed issue where tapping currency icons to forge candles or hearts would unintentionally open IAP menu.
  • Fixed issue where Table and Bonfire were not working correctly.
  • Fixed issue where screenshots on Android were appearing distorted.
  • Fixed issue where camera and video buttons were unavailable while Firework staff is equipped.
  • Fixed visual bug when switching props with an open umbrella.
  • Fixed issue where Play button would not appear on first boot after signing into Game Center.
  • Additional performance improvements for Android devices.
  • Replaced New Player icon. (Beta only)
  • Removed Winter Musician Pack from the Store
  • Added Gratitude Mask Pack to the Store
  • Added something for the player who has everything.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!