Greetings Adventurers—and PlayStation Players!


Welcome PlayStation Players to the World of Sky!

Discover, explore, relish the beauty of the present, and above all take in meaningful moments with the people you meet in the world around you. Sky is a place where everyone is welcome—and this week especially we’re thrilled to welcome new players right as the Season of AURORA concert is about to make its debut on December 8th PST!

From deep caves to lofty clouds to the thrill of the crowd in between, journey hand in hand with fellow travelers as this world unfolds before you.

If you’re a current Sky player who wishes to play an existing account from a mobile or Switch device on a PlayStation, you must first link your Sky ID to a PlayStation Network account while on a mobile device before opening Sky on a PlayStation (even if you usually play on Switch). 

To commemorate this new launch, a specially themed Journey Pack will be offered exclusively on PlayStation. This bundle comes with a cape, hood, and mask, each featuring carefully re-created designs from the desert wayfarers of the past. The mask also grants your Sky Child a Journey-inspired voice when you call!

The Journey Pack is $24.99 and can be purchased through the in-game store while playing Sky on a PlayStation. It can also be gifted to others by players with a PlayStation console and account.

For more information about playing Sky on PlayStation, be sure to check out the PlayStation section on our FAQ page!


Two More Days Until the Season of AURORA Concert!

We can’t wait to kick off this event for everyone! The big premiere is Thursday December 8th at 20:30 PST (UTC -8), no tickets or pass required. The doors to the venue open up several hours ahead of time for players to check out and enjoy, too, whether you show up with a few friends or a few thousand friends. See or  our blog post about the concert for more details!


Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:

This update is mainly focused on welcoming PlayStation players and preparing for the Season of AURORA concert. However, improvements and fixes include:

  • Added improvements that should prevent a player from seeing flashes on their screen when someone else around them spams deep call in a particular way. Note that this visual bug will still be visible to a player who goes through the steps to trigger it on their own screen.
  • Added a function to the chat window when using social chat areas like benches, tables, and campfires that allow a player to report or temporarily mute another player using the same chat space.
    • Because this is a temporary mute, these chat window mutes will be reset when restarting the game.
    • To unmute a temporarily muted player during the same conversation, choose a recent chat message to disable the temporary mute.
  • Camera no longer pans through snowbank when starting game.


Please refer to this page for known issues ongoing or introduced with this patch:  Known Issues Patch 0.19.6


As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!