Greetings, Adventurers!

In 0.20.0, encounter a new group of Seasonal Spirits as they learn to start anew, revel in the glitter and fireworks of Days of Fortune, and celebrate friendships during Days of Love. Read on for more details about new content and updates!


Season of Remembrance Begins Soon

The varied past of Sky’s kingdom has been revealed through realms and Seasons, from glimpses of triumph and harmony, to hints of broken connections and turmoil. Now in Season of Remembrance, we go deeper into Sky's lore. Journey alongside Spirits who lived through eras of turmoil to press on and rebuild together, and experience the connections of empathy that are at the heart of Sky.

Through Seasonal Quests, Spirits share both their own emotional experiences of the turmoil in the kingdom, and memories of the objects that connect them to their past. As a new element for this Season, help each Spirit by creating a Shared Space for them, so they can take their first steps to start anew. Create the Space using your own ideas, or visit Spaces created by other players to gather inspiration!

Season of Remembrance begins at 00:00 Monday January 16th (all times PST, UTC-8) and continues until 23:59 Sunday April 2nd.The full Season can be enjoyed for free by all players who have progressed through at least Vault of Knowledge. Season Pass holders will also have the opportunity to unlock additional seasonal cosmetics, including the Ultimate Gifts.

Known Issue: The Ultimate Gift memory lantern will not have the ability to recharge in 0.20.0. However, the memory lantern will have the ability to recharge in the 0.20.5 update.


Shared Space Updates

As part of Season of Remembrance, we’ve updated the appearance of Shared Spaces to better reflect their connection to the past. New tutorial images have been added, and UI improvements will make them more streamlined to use. You’ll also be able to join friends and others to more easily view the Spaces they’ve created.

The Shared Spaces in Vault of Knowledge and Daylight Prairie will also include a collection of items that can be placed in those Spaces, even if you don’t already have them in your closet. We hope to gradually add these to Shared Spaces in other levels in future updates, too! (These changes will be visible in the game prior to the beginning of the Season.)


Days of Fortune

From 00:00 January 20th through 23:59 February 2nd, gather ‘round for a reunion with a group of enchanting Spirits! Days of Fortune returns for 2023 to celebrate with fireworks, dance with friendly faces, and express your inner rabbit. 

A Spirit from Season of Gratitude returns as the event guide to begin the festivities. During the first week of the event, Spirits from a past Season will arrive in Home to watch a special fireworks show that will display every hour. 

Once each show ends, keep an eye out for a familiar felicitous figure who will appear to give Sky children some colorful ways to gather Light! The Spirits will gradually leave during the second week of Days of Fortune, though the felicitous figure will still appear periodically.

Everyone is invited to stop by the Secret Area accessible from the ground floor of Vault of Knowledge to enjoy the decorated space and themed spells, not to mention an extra rink for games and skating moves. Meanwhile, all of the Spirits across Sky’s realms will be happy to greet visitors. Relive their memories, and they’ll give a small gift of Light in return!

For players who want to gift something special to friends, the Fortune Gift Envelope will be available. This will be in the Friendship Trees of friends with whom you’ve unlocked the carry (piggyback) interaction and allows you to use 14 Candles to gift 5 Hearts. The Fortune Gift Envelope can be given once a day per person, like regular Heart gifts.

(Note: the Fortune Gift Envelope feature requires manual enabling, which means it will become available at approximately 00:00 on the day Days of Fortune begins until approximately 23:59 the day the event ends. Thank you for your understanding!)

New items will be available as souvenirs for this year’s event, as well as items from previous years for players who prefer those instead. Speak to the event guide Spirit for these in-game currency items:

  • Days of Fortune Rabbit Mask: 62 Candles
  • Days of Fortune Bull Mask: 56 Candles
  • Days of Fortune Tiger Mask: 58 Candles
  • Days of Fortune Lion Headdress: 66 Candles


Interested in creating your own fireworks show? You can use your fireworks staff or perhaps fireworks spells, or head over to the pier, where a small box beside the event guide Spirit will offer special themed fireworks in the shape of 3 different Sky creatures!

  • Days of Fortune fireworks spells: 5 Candles


Other spells available for the event are the Lantern Message Boat and Snowball Spell, both available in the Secret Area!

Themed IAP for this year celebrate the more artistic side of Days of Fortune. These can be found in the in-game shop in the main menu:

  • Days of Fortune Muralist's Smock: $9.99 (all prices USD)
  • Days of Fortune Enchanted Umbrella: $14.99


For players who have waited for items from previous years, past Days of Fortune cosmetics will be available again, too. Talk to Spirits in the Secret Area who offer IAP from 2021 and 2022:

  • Days of Fortune Orange: $0.99
  • Days of Fortune Fish Accessory: $1.99
  • Days of Fortune Wool Hat: $9.99
  • Days of Fortune Fish Pack: $19.99
  • Days of Fortune Pack: $24.99
    • Includes a themed red cape, double buns hairstyle, and rosy-cheeked mask


Free trial spells of all in-game currency and IAP cosmetics will be available from the Sleepy Traveling Merchant in Home and in the Secret Area accessible from Vault of Knowledge.

Days of Fortune content is available to all players who have progressed through at least Hidden Forest. 


Days of Love

From 00:00 February 13th until 23:59 February 26th, Days of Love returns, marking a time to revel in the connections of friendship that are woven through Sky. 

Home transforms into a cozy space, and the Season of Gratitude Spirit who appeared during Days of Fortune comes back as the Days of Love event Spirit. Join them on a redecorated pier, where a gentle mist of Light descends. The event guide will also offer a new themed item for 2023:

  • Days of Love Flowery Archway: 100 Candles


This Spirit also offers in-game currency items from other years:

  • Days of Love Flower Crown: 15 Hearts


Gondola and Paper Crane Message spells will be on hand for the occasion, too! Find them in Home on the pier or at the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s boat!

Outside of Home, the Secret Area that can be accessed from Vault of Knowledge also opens back up for everyone to enjoy, with snowball versions of the ball spell available there during the event.

Themed IAP for this year’s Days of Love event will be available from the in-game shop in the main menu:

  • Days of Love Classy Cravat: $4.99
  • Days of Love Serendipitous Scepter: $14.99
    • This item launches glittering heart-shaped fireworks into the sky


For players who have waited for IAP from other years of the event, head to the Secret Area to talk to Spirits there who offer them.

  • Days of Love Mask: 15 Hearts
  • Days of Love Gondola Pack / Seesaw Pack / Swing Pack: $19.99 each (every pack includes 35 Season Candles)


Free trial spells of all in-game currency and IAP cosmetics will be available from the Sleepy Traveling Merchant in Home and in the Secret Area accessible from Vault of Knowledge.

Days of Love content is available to all players who have progressed through at least Hidden Forest. 


Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:


  • Camera transitions for Shared Spaces now fade to black.
  • Adjustments to Eye of Eden before the top of the mountain, including lowered wind intensity and additional places to charge.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some players using controllers from being able to sit or use emotes as a result of joystick drift.
  • Updated the Social Light to Treasure Candles at the “waterfall” in Vault of Knowledge and Hot Springs in Valley of Triumph.
  • Improvements for linking to PlayStation™ Network accounts while on Android devices.
  • Fixed a bug causing terrain to render with black visual glitches on a subset of Android 9 phones.
  • [Switch] Fixed pixelation issues on blue cloth textures in Harmony Hall.
  • [Switch] Added a function to the chat window when using social chat areas like benches, tables, and campfires that allow a player to report or temporarily mute another player using the same chat space.
  • Rhythm Guitar IAP returned to the Harmony Hall in-game shop.
  • Fixed the camera angle not including all of the Bowing Medalist Spirit during their bow.
  • Fixed an upside down constellation gate from the area near the Hidden Forest temple to the Elevated Clearing area.
  • Adjusted the looped bun hairstyle from Spinning Mentor Spirit from Season of Dreams to prevent avatars’ heads from clipping through.
  • When saving a Shared Space with a Tournament Skyball Set placed in it, it now displays properly as the Tournament version rather than the wooden Casual version.
  • Filled in a gap in the wall around a Constellation Gate between the Battlefield and Shipwreck areas of Golden Wasteland.
  • Crash fixes.
  • The rock found the source of the beautiful songs their friends had been singing. They wrote a diary entry describing their experience:
    JELLYFISH! So MANY jellyfish! Ohmystarryelders, this is the best day ever!!! I got to BE a jelly! And bloop around a cave! I became AN ACTUAL JELLYFISH!! And mantas and birds and fish and butterflies?! AND JELLYYYYYYYYYYYYY [...]
    The entry continued on like this for several pages, but we only have so much room in the patch notes. 


Please refer to this page for known issues ongoing or introduced with this patch: Known Issues Patch 0.20.0


As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!


[2023.1.11]  Edited to include additional information about Days of Fortune Gift Envelope and Triumph Guitar fix.