Recently added to Sky, you can now find a world map within the world of Sky to help you uncover all the secrets the realms have to offer!

To access the Map, you must visit Map Shrines scattered across the realms. Once you activate a Map Shrine, you’ll permanently reveal that shrine’s area of the world.

Map Shrines can help you find missed Winged Lights, locate Spirits who require your Light, and, of course, show you where you currently are in the world.

Are you up for the challenge and adventure to find all the Map Shrines?


Map Shrines


Blue Spirit: Spirits to discover

Yellow Sky Kid: Your location

Yellow Star: Uncollected Winged Lights

Note: The Yellow Star can show that there are multiple uncollected Winged Lights to be found in that respective area, therefore, it does not show the exact location of the uncollected Winged Light.

Shining Star: Realm Temple