Introduced with the new Days of Color, events in Sky now feature event-specific currencies you can spend on in-game, limited-time event cosmetics. Event Currencies are replacing the old system where players would spend candles to purchase event cosmetics. All players, new or old, in Sky will have the same chance, starting from the beginning of the event, to unlock event cosmetics.

What are Event Currencies?

Event Currencies are event-specific tokens you can collect during in-game Sky events to spend on event-specific, limited-time cosmetics. Event currencies have some similarities to Seasonal Candles. For example:

  • Event Currencies won’t carry over from one event to another, but enough are available during an event to unlock this year’s new in-game currency cosmetics.

  • You won’t need to get all the event currency available every single day to unlock new event items.

  • Event Currencies are in set locations each day, and their location in an event will rotate.

  • Everyone starts on the same page when an event begins, no matter how recently (or long ago) they joined Sky.

Where can I see my Event Currencies?

Event Currencies will appear in your inventory as tickets with specific designs for each event.

Can Event Currencies be carried over from one event to the next?

No. Event Currencies disappear once the event has concluded. Event Currencies will also not be converted into the next event’s currency.

How much Event Currency can I earn per event?

Each event will vary in the amount of Event Currency you can collect, so please check the patch notes and event details for more information when the event is announced.

Where do I unlock event cosmetics with Event Currencies?

Players unlock event cosmetics through the event’s Spirit or the spell shop using Event Currencies instead of candles.

Do I have to play every day to get event cosmetics?

No! Players are expected to play about the same proportion of the event as the proportion of a season to collect all of the event's new IGC cosmetics.

You can collect more Event Currency than the cost of event cosmetics, however you will still want to carefully budget your Event Currency so you don’t miss out on a cosmetic you wanted before the end of the event.

Tip: Unlock the cosmetics you want the most first so you don’t miss out!

Can I purchase Event Currencies in the store?

No. We do not currently have plans to offer Event Currencies for sale in the store to keep a level playing field for players as well as encourage players to interact with the event and others while participating.

What happens if I don’t start playing an event until it’s almost over?

With event currency, we want to try an approach where the only requirement is just to play most of an event. Unfortunately this does mean that if a player joins closer to the end of an event, a new cosmetic may no longer be available to them based on the total remaining event currency they can collect. However, items will still return the following year, so the opportunity to unlock it won’t be lost forever!

Won’t this mean my Candles aren’t useful anymore?

If you’ve been building up your Candle inventory, there will still be other ways to use them—friends, helping out moths, Traveling Spirits, constellations, spells, perhaps a returning item or two from an event that you missed last year, etc. Event currency will simply free up some of that inventory for parts of the game other than new event cosmetics.

Can I exchange something like Candles or Hearts for event currency?

We understand wanting a large-scale exchange of one currency for another, but making event currency tightly bound to Candles and Hearts could create other unwelcome economic pressures, and would feed back into the pressures players have been feeling with Candles that we wanted to reduce in the first place with the introduction of Event Currencies.

Will returning event-specific items from other years still cost Candles or Hearts?

Yes! Event currencies are only used to unlock new event cosmetics being offered this year. Items from 2022 and earlier years will remain available for Candles or Hearts.

Can I save up event currency before an event?

Since event currency does not roll over from one event to the next, saving up in advance won’t be possible. While we get that some folks might wish for the option, it would eventually lead to similar pressures players have told us they feel about stocking up Candles, which would bring us back to the situation we’re trying to avoid!

Do I need to buy an event pass or anything to get event currency?

No! Event currency is entirely free, and no extra purchase will be needed to collect them or unlock new IGC event items.