It’s time to celebrate! This patch brings a scenic Season, new camera features, and of course, a birthday bash for everyone to celebrate four years of Sky.


Season of Moments

Discover memories in every moment when Sky’s latest Season arrives! A breathtaking landscape awaits explorers who seek its vast natural beauty.

Talk to the Season Guide to get a new camera prop, freely available to all Sky kids. They’ll offer a series of Seasonal Quests to take your photography skills to the next level using special camera features such as tripod mode and photo settings like zoom and blur.

Four Seasonal Spirits offer new expressions, plus a new call and interaction to share with friends, plus mementos like their best mountain outfits, hairstyles and accessories, and a new music sheet. Ultimate gifts include a version of the camera prop with a more intricate appearance and a subtle photo-light effect that friends around you can see when you take a picture with it.

Season of Moments begins at 00:00 July 17th and continues until 23:59 October 1st (all times PDT, UTC -7) and is available to all players who have progressed to at least Hidden Forest. Players with a Season Pass will also have the opportunity to unlock all items from the Seasonal Spirits and the Ultimate Gifts available through the Season of Moments Guide. For more details ahead of the Season’s launch, check out our blog!


Grab Your Party Hats for Sky’s 4th Birthday

You’re officially invited to the best dance party in Sky! From 00:00 July 17th until 23:59 July 30th, grab a friend and head to the Secret Area accessible from Vault of Knowledge—or teleport there by talking to the Event Guide Spirit in Home.

The Secret Area opens its doors to everyone during the 4th anniversary event, with a colorful dance floor, themed spells, and rotating performances by a group of Spirits. Music aficionados will enjoy a special version of the Jam Station, set up exclusively for this event! Stop by a table loaded with a birthday cake for a bit of Social Light, too.

New items will be available as mementos of the event! Keep an eye out for cupcake-shaped event currency. Nine are available each day placed around the event space, and when you watch a stage performance in the Secret Area. On weekends, one extra bonus cupcake is available each day, and the spell shop there offers extra event currency spells too.

New items and spells arriving for this year’s anniversary event are:

  • 4th Anniversary Hat: 8 event currency (the 4th anniversary hat is available only this year)
  • Anniversary Sonorous Seashell prop: 46 event currency
  • Anniversary Party Lights prop: 46 event currency
  • Anniversary Plush prop: $9.99 (all prices USD)
  • Balloon Hat spells and buffs: 2 event currency or 4 Candles for spells from the spell shop next to the drink stand, or 1 event currency for an instant buff from the Spirit at the drink stand
  • Confetti Collar spell: 4 Candles from the spell shop in the Secret Area


Returning from previous years:

  • Light Fence prop: 20 Candles
  • Birthday Flag prop: 20 Candles
  • Balloon prop: 30 Candles
  • Happy Birthday music sheet: 10 Hearts
  • Confetti Launcher: 20 Hearts
  • Birthday Cake spells: 3 Candles
    • These spells give at random small, medium, or large birthday cakes


Find more details about the 4th anniversary event on our blog page!


UI Updates for Messages & More

We’ve updated the UI you’ll see when viewing in-game creations from your fellow players such as Message Boats, Shared Memories, and more. For example:

  • Notes and other creations now display based on where you are in a level, and we also reduced the total number of these objects displayed at once.

Developer Note: We heard from many players that the opening areas of the realms felt super crowded with these in-game creations, so this change should help calm that feeling. We also noticed many players using things like notes and Shared Memories to create scavenger hunts in Sky. This change allows player creations to be more easily discovered when they’re off the beaten path. So start hiding treasures!

  • Arrows let you “scroll” to see all the Notes, Memories, etc. placed in an area, and small visual effects indicate which one you’re currently viewing. Also, after viewing all the creations in an area, the next set of creations to view automatically refreshes.

Developer Note: So many players find all of their friends' posts and like them. With the old system, players would revisit and reload shrines and other areas for upwards of 30 minutes trying to see something their friends made. With this change it should be much easier (and faster) to find your friends' posts and give them a like—go ahead and give them a like from me!

  • Ever wondered what notes and Shared Spaces your friends were seeing? Now there’s a hint button over their heads while they’re viewing another player’s creation. Tap on it to view the same object they are.
  • For Shared Memories:
    • The recording timer pauses whenever your keyboard is open
    • Radial progress bar now shows how much time is remaining to record a Memory
    • While you watch a Memory recording, if you follow along with the recorded avatar, the UI menu will stay visible even after you move away from that Memory's spell marker.


Special Group of Visiting Spirits Arrives in August

From August 7 through August 13, four Spirits will be taking a week-long excursion to the new area where Season of Moments will be set. Each is from a past Season—talk to them for the chance to unlock some of the items they carry. You’ll also have the chance to try out the new camera feature with them. Stay tuned to our social media channels for details!


More Updates

  • The Season Guide Spirit who arrives in Home each Season will now stay in place at the gate to the level where the Season’s main activity takes place. The cutscene that plays when checking in with the Daily Quest Statue in Home will continue to indicate the realm with the day’s rotation of Seasonal Candles.

  • The elder-themed masks from the constellations of each main level are now an accessory, so they can be paired with a variety of masks (not least of all the chibi mask). Some head accessories have been recategorized as well. Other updates related to this category of accessories are planned for future updates, too.

  • There’s a new cosmetics category—shoes! If you have the Mischief Witch Jumper, the Season of Remembrance’s Pleading Child outfit, or the Season of Assembly’s Chuckling Scout outfit, the shoes that came with these are now in a separate tab in the outfit closet, and they can be paired with any outfit you choose.

  • Our Steam Moth Recruitment Drive is in full swing! The more Steam wishlists a game has, the more new moths will find their way to Sky for the PC launch. Help unlock cool rewards for the community like concept art sneak peeks, a Traveling Spirit vote, and more! Head here to wishlist Sky:


Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:

Audio & Appearance

  • Fixes for the gap that was showing between avatar's hair and mask when using the chibi mask.
  • Improvements to saxophone animation.
  • Updated hairstyle icons in the UI to show them at their most flattering angle.
  • Adjustments to a few cape icon colors.
  • Ultimate masks/accessories from Elder Spirits glow when they should.
  • Fixed an overactive bug that was affecting the animation of Overactive Overachiever's hair.

General Fixes and Improvements:

  • [PlayStation] Added USB keyboard support for the instrument menu.
  • [PlayStation/Switch] Additional sliding door haptics while playing on a console.
  • Shared Memory recordings properly replay plushies that are hugged, picked up, cherished, yeeted into the void, etc.
  • Interactions with most placeable items show when viewing a Shared Memory.
  • Shared Memory recordings should now properly show light from lanterns, as well as fireworks animations and particles.
  • A player’s Message Boats, Shared Spaces, and other creations are no longer visible to those they have blocked.
  • Enabled energy charge while touching clouds but standing on ground.
  • A player carrying a friend via piggyback can now cancel the carry interaction with the person they're carrying.
  • Fixed camera placement bug that could prevent players from accepting the Stealthy Survivor's expression after completing their quest.
  • To comply with federal aviation safety mandates that require crash landing zones be free of extraneous objects, Shared Memories and other creations can no longer be placed within a certain distance of where Sky kids crash land when entering Golden Wasteland. We chose not to ask what their regulations said about giant Dark Creatures patrolling the skies…
  • When placing the footbag game prop, a preview model now properly displays before placing it.
  • Music sheet stops replaying when the Jam Station is opened.
  • Fixed one of the fragments of the Tearful Light Miner's memory sequence being stuck in the terrain.
  • Handhold won’t break when players go from the main area of Isle of Dawn into the Cave of Prophecies.
  • Fix a bug causing a player using the Elder of the Forest pin STAR feature to sometimes be teleported beneath the platform.
  • Crash fixes.
  • Feeling nostalgic, the rock wandered back to Isle of Dawn to sleep under the stars of their original home. Little did they know, the quiet expanse was about to become very popular. One night the rock woke to the sound of countless little feet, fluttering capes, and honking Sky kids. Somehow hundreds, even thousands of Sky kids had arrived to help out a group of young Spirits. At last the crowd began to clear, and the rock was surprised to see a Spirit who could roll around. They were almost as fast as the rock as they taught others to roll...maybe the rock and the Spirit could have a friendly race?


Please refer to this page for known issues ongoing or introduced with this patch: Known Issues Patch 0.22.0


As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join the community discussion on our official Discord server at!