Playing with friends is one of the best ways to experience Sky, and joining your friends out in the world is quick and easy. Sky features multiple ways to join your friends in-game, including the ability to teleport to an online friend's location or warp to their location while in the same realm (in case you get separated exploring, for instance.)

Here’s how to find your online friends and teleport to their location:

  • Open your Friend Constellations at the Constellation Table while in Home.
  • Select the Friend you’d like to teleport to.
  • Open the Relationship Menu and select the “Teleport” icon.
  • Ta da! You’re now in the same realm and area as your Friend.

If the Teleport icon is unavailable, your Friend is currently offline.

Remember, you won’t be able to see your Friends’ location before teleporting.

The maximum number of players able to be in the same area is eight (8), and you won’t be able to teleport to a Friend whose “group” is already full.

There are limitations to teleporting to a friend, including:

  • You can’t teleport to Friends while they’re loading between realms and areas.
  • You can’t teleport to Friends currently in the Secret Area.
  • You can’t teleport to Friends while they’re participating in a challenge, such as the trials from the Cave of Prophecy.
  • You can’t teleport to Friends while they’re in Eden, however Warp can still be used in this scenario.
  • You can’t teleport to Friends who are currently in areas of the game that you have not yet been to or visited on your own.
  • You can’t teleport to Friends who are playing on a different version of the Sky app; make sure you install updates as soon as possible to avoid this issue.

What is the Warp function?

Warp is a Friendship ability unlocked with 11 Ascended Candles from each friend’s Friendship Menu which allows you to warp/teleport to your friend’s location while in the same realm. You can access the Warp ability after you’ve unlocked it by tapping/clicking on a friend’s name while in the same realm and then selecting the Warp ability.


  • The Warp icon on the Friendship Menu only denotes that you’ve unlocked the Warp ability.
  • You cannot use Warp while not within the same realm as your friend.

Note: Blocking friends from teleporting and warping to you is done from the “Block Warp” function and it will prevent Friends from using the Warp and Teleport ability to travel to you within the same realm or from Home respectively. This option is available from the Friendship Menu as well, above the Warp function. If you have questions about warping and teleporting to players or blocking these features, please reach out to the Support Team.