Greetings, Adventurers! This update is all about capturing memorable moments—or, when it comes to the AURORA concerts, making memorable moments, not to mention new world records.


New Quests for Season of Moments

Season of Moments continues! New sights to photograph arrive with the fourth and fifth Seasonal Quests, beckoning you to see familiar scenery in new ways. Be sure to meet all the Spirits in Prairie Peaks and learn their memories, and use golden Seasonal Candles to unlock the items they offer, too!

Season of Moments continues until 23:59 October 1st (all times PDT, UTC -7). Players with a Season Pass will also have the opportunity to unlock all items from the Seasonal Spirits and the Ultimate Gifts available through the Season of Moments Guide.


AURORA Encore Concerts

As you may have seen us announce last month, Sky will be collaborating once more with acclaimed vocal artist AURORA, meaning the AURORA concerts will be back for all players to experience! The concert gates will be open again to everyone as part of a celebration for Sky’s attendance at gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

These encore concerts run from August 23rd through September 3rd. AURORA will appear in Home, offering to teleport you directly to the Coliseum.

The concerts will run on a special schedule. To quickly convert CEST to your time zone, try sites like this one!

  • From August 23rd through 25th (Wed.-Fri.), concerts are every eight hours: 3:00 pm, 11:00 pm, and 7:00 am CEST (that’s 6:00 am, 2:00 pm, and 10:00 pm PDT).
  • Then from August 26th though September 3rd, concerts are every four hours starting at 11:00 am CEST (2:00 am PDT).


Two new souvenirs of the Encore Concerts will be available:

  • “Cure For Me” expression
    • Level 1: 12 event currency
    • Level 2: 33 event currency
      • Please note: there are only 2 levels for this expression
  •  Musical Voyage Sneakers: $6.99 (all prices USD)

The expression will be available from the AURORA Guide’s Friendship Tree; the Musical Voyage Sneakers will be in the in-game shop.

Each day, 5 event currency will be placed in the Coliseum:

  • 4 in the open around the Coliseum
  • 1 that appears if you join one of the new activities held before a concert starts

After attending your first concert, you can also pick up a special one-time bonus of 10 event currency, too.

As part of this collaboration’s return, the collaboration IAP and IGC offered during the concert’s initial run will also be offered during the encore. For more information on those items, see these two earlier patch notes!

Among these encore concerts, there are two especially that we’re excited to invite you all to be part of—more below!


Setting World Records & Welcoming AURORA Live

Friday August 25th: GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Concert

This is the day we’re attempting to set a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the most users in a concert themed virtual world. This will be livestreamed from our booth and specially hosted by Sarah “NastyMold” Hayes, joined by Stellify and Tethys from the Community Team. Here’s the schedule:

2:00 pm CEST - Coliseum Games
Join in a round of games with NastyMold, TGC staff, and the Sky community from across the world. These include new Coliseum games coming with the 0.22.5 update, plus some activities NastyMold has been planning that are best experienced as a Sky kid flash mob.


This is The concert, with Guinness World Records adjudicators on hand to make it official. Take in the music of AURORA and the story of Sky in one of the game’s most memorable moments!


Saturday August 26th: AURORA Celebration Concert

We’re spam-honking in excitement for the concert at 3:00 pm CEST on August 26th. After watching this concert, you’ll want to stick around—AURORA will be joining us live in the game and via livestream! She’ll be alongside NastyMold hosting activities for everyone, including a light parade, voting towers, and more.

We’re thrilled that AURORA can join the Sky community in person for this occasion—teleport to the Coliseum early to get your spot!

(Edit Aug. 17: Please keep in mind that each Coliseum instance can host a maximum of 10,000 players, so players who are not in the same Coliseum instance as AURORA will not see her. We encourage everyone to tune it to our livestream on Twitch while you play, too!)


Days of Sunlight

Days of Sunlight is back! From 00:00 September 11th through 23:59 September 24th, assemble with familiar Spirits in the Elevated Clearing of Forest to relax and take in peaceful afternoons by the water. Familiar favorites are back (like this year’s group of baby jellyfish!), plus new activities, including a waterslide and a Spirit offering a game of tag. Gather near the shore to collect Social Light that occasionally drifts onto the sand, too.

Keep an eye out for popsicle-shaped event currency, and use them to unlock this year’s new IGC items. A total of 6 are available each day: 4 placed in the Elevated Clearing, 2 from participating in any of the event activities: playing tag with one of the Spirits, helping the baby jellyfish, playing in a jam session, or doing any diving activity.

New items for Days of Sunlight:

  • Sunlight Pink Beach Towel Cape: 16 event currency
  • Sunlight Yellow Beach Towel Cape: 18 event currency
  • Sunlight Blue Beach Towel Cape: 23 event currency
  • Sunlight Chunky Sandals: $9.99
    • These add a special sound effect to your step
  • Sunlight Surfboard: $14.99


New items can be unlocked from the Friendship Tree of the Sunlight Guide Spirit, or purchased from the in-game shop in the main menu.

Items from previous years’ events will also be available:

  • Summer Hat: 44 Candles
  • Campfire Tent: 90 Candles
  • Summer Seashell Hairpin: $0.99
  • Sunlight Jelly Shoulder Buddy: $2.99
  • Summer Bunny Accessory: $2.99
  • Summer Lantern Pack: $19.99 (includes 35 regular Candles)
    • Please note: the lantern item does not come with additional abilities such as lighting candles
  • Sunlight Campfire Snack Kit: $19.99 (includes 35 Seasonal Candles)
  • Summer Parasol: $19.99 (Includes 35 Seasonal Candles)


To unlock or purchase returning items, talk to the two event guide Spirits in the Elevated Clearing.

As always, free trial spells for all items are offered. Find them at the bonfire in the Elevated Clearing and the boat in Home!


Edit 9/20: Updated information for towel cape IGC prices.


Days of Style

Come and express yourself! A new event makes its debut, on the runway from 00:00 October 2nd until 23:59 October 15th. Show your creativity and have a bit of fun trying out (and trying on!) something new.

During the event, the Style Guide is in Home, ready to teleport you to a fashion runway placed in one of Sky’s levels (some locations peaceful, some chaotic…). Runway locations rotate, and each one invites you to create an ensemble to represent a unique theme. At each one, use a Shared Memory Shrine to share your interpretation of the theme (and get some Light in the process too).

And don’t worry—each location includes a range of cosmetics you can temporarily borrow if you feel like your own closet selection doesn’t get the theme quite right.

Event currency is shaped like a top hat, and 5 can be found daily: four placed in the area around the runway, and one for watching a recording. Use these to unlock the event’s IGC items!

  • Style Runway Mask: 8 event currency
  • Style Top Hat: 10 event currency
  • Style Star Sunglasses: 14 event currency
  • Style Silk Ballet Slippers: 18 event currency
  • Style Flame Sunglasses: $2.99
  • Style Heart Sunglasses: $4.99
  • Style Bunny Slippers: $6.99
  • Style Wide-Leg Jeans: $9.99


Don’t forget, the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s Boat in Home offers free trial spells for all IAP and IGC items!

Note: If you haven’t unlocked all the levels of the game yet, you may need to progress further in the game to at least the level where the event’s runway is currently located.


More Updates for Viewing Shared Spaces, Shared Memories, and Messages

We’ve updated the UI you’ll see when viewing Message Candles and other spells, and added some features too. For example:

  • Friends’ notes are displayed with higher priority.
  • You can show Shared Spaces in a Shared Memory recording.
  • An option allows you to view more of a particular player’s creations, even if you haven’t friended them
    • You can also give that player a nickname that will display on other creations of theirs that you find. (The player will not know the nickname you give them, similar to the function of giving friends a nickname.)


Other Updates

  • Based on player feedback, we’ve made some changes to bonus event currency spells available through the Spell Shop. These spells allow players to exchange Ascended Candles for bonus event currency on the weekends. The maximum number of spells available has been increased. (Note that all new IGC event items can still be unlocked using only the regular event currency available daily in an event.)

  • We’ve updated the friend invite codes to use Sky Code. This generates the familiar QR code, plus a unique 12-digit alphanumeric code that is easy to share by copy-paste, manually copying, or by showing directly to a friend-to-be. To accept a Sky Code that someone sends you, go to Settings Menu → Sky Codes. We hope this will make it easier to share friend invites, especially for console players! (Remember, these are unique single-use codes, so please be sure to share them privately with their intended recipient.)

  • The UI in the settings menu for graphics options has had some slight adjustments.


Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:

General Fixes and Improvements:

  • Resolved the bug that had reduced the maximum volume of items that could be placed in a Shared Space.
  • Pinch gesture able to adjust settings for the camera prop while in tripod mode.
  • Props placed by others now update correctly when player has the camera prop equipped in tripod mode.
  • If holding the camera prop while being carried, the Friendship Tree doesn't open when tapping/selecting another player.
  • Prop/Placeable closet cannot be open while camera is in tripod mode. (Other closets still open with tripod mode enabled.)
  • Disabled activating prop spells while the camera is equipped, which could override the camera and block progress during active Seasonal Quests.
  • Camera prop UI improvements.
  • Fixed the Village Theater not appearing on the Map Shrine maps.
  • Text input for Shared Spaces, Shared Memories, and message spells is no longer canceled if tapping outside of the keyboard.
  • Mysterious, weird, unknown, potentially ominous symbols no longer show up in Message Boat messages.
  • Filled in a hole in Prairie Caves that could trap hapless moths.


Audio & Appearance

  • Updated appearance of Campfire Snack Kit to appear as a bundle when worn on avatar's back.
  • Improvements to animation for handstand expression and for the manatees in Prairie Peaks.
  • Chibis and their friends have many powers, but floating while running should not be one of them. Thus, chibis no longer float while running when being led by a taller friend.
  • Polish for Message Boat physics while floating on the water.
  • Fixed an earlier change that made masks appear wider/thicker on tall avatars.
  • Unsquash the squashing that was happening to the chibi hair.
  • Tweaks to Sanctuary straw hat to fit various hairstyles better.
  • Fixed some visual distortions with the recharge effect on the Season of Dreams ultimate cape.
  • Flames now properly aligned over stone lamps in Trial of Fire.
  • Improvements for plushies when held, hugged, and otherwise cherished by avatars.
  • Fixed the incorrect display on Map Shrines of collected vs. uncollected Winged Light in Prairie Village.
  • Other players no longer appear to be set to default stance after they take out a candle as you view them.
  • Fixed the light not appearing on avatar's chest when wearing the yellow tunic from Season of Flight.
  • Lowest note on the saxophone now audible to others who are listening to a player using that instrument.
  • Fixed situations where others don't hear single notes that a player plays on e.g. violin, saxophone, etc.
  • Synced hand clap expression to Jam Station.
  • Jam Station audio no longer stops playing when the prop is not in the camera view.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Prairie Peaks BGM from playing if a player entered by teleporting there directly instead of entering from Prairie Caves.
  • Notifications sent to a friend after you like their Shared Memories, Shared Spaces, or messages correctly show the name your friend has given you.


Please refer to this page for known issues ongoing or introduced with this patch: Known Issues Patch 0.22.5.



As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join the community discussion on our official Discord server at!