[Update September 22]

The following message was sent via the in-game inbox to all players:

Last week we discovered a miscalculation that caused the in-game currency (IGC) price of the three Days of Sunlight Beach Towel capes to be higher than we had intended them to be. This was after the event started, so on Sept. 15th PDT (UTC -7) we did two things:


1. Lowered the IGC prices of the Sunlight Beach Towel Capes, and

2. Updated the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s Boat in Home to offer 25 event currency to all players for free, to offset what folks may have overspent based on the incorrect prices.


We also recognize that in between the start of the event and when the IGC prices for the new capes were updated, some players may have spent Ascended Candles to get event currency through the bonus spells that were available.


In some cases, those players ended up converting more Ascended Candles than they needed to in order to unlock all the event currency items at their correct IGC prices, so we’re temporarily adding an option to the Sleepy Traveling Merchant's Boat that will allow players to exchange up to 21 event currency for up to 42 Ascended Candles. This number represents the difference between the intended IGC price and incorrectly higher prices at the start of Days of Sunlight. The option to exchange event currency for Ascended Candles will be available until the end of Days of Sunlight (23:59 on September 24th).


We apologize for the confusion this caused, and appreciate your patience while we worked on both parts of addressing this issue. While the spells for extra event currency are meant to help out any Sky kids who miss many days of an event, our intent is still to make it simple for players to collect all the event currency they need for new IGC items just by playing the majority of the event.


Thank you, and we’ll see you in the skies (and at the Elevated Clearing)!





[September 15] 

Days of Sunlight Event Pricing

After discovering a slight miscalculation regarding the Event Currency prices for the Days of Sunlight Beach Towel Capes, we just pushed the following changes to the Live server:


  • Sunlight Pink Beach Towel Cape: 16 Event Currency (was 22)
  • Sunlight Yellow Beach Towel Cape: 18 Event Currency (was 25)
  • Sunlight Blue Beach Towel Cape: 23 Event Currency (was 31)
  • All players can claim 25 Event Currency from the Sleepy Traveling Merchant's boat in Home


Since we're heading into the weekend and because of the severity and time-sensitivity of our error, we wanted to deliver the overspent EC back to players in the quickest and safest way possible, we chose to make it available through the Spell Shop instead of performing a more traditional compensation, which can take several additional days to coordinate and we didn't feel it was the right decision to delay until the necessary TGC folks are back in the office.