- We are aware some players are experiencing troubles starting the Live PC Demo version. Please fill out this form so our Devs can improve the experience for you in the future:


- When launching the PC Demo version on the Steam Deck the deck will default to a PC WASD & Mouse keybinding. Players can manually change in the steam settings to "Gamepad with Joystick trackpad" by following: click "steam" button > "Controller settings" > "controller settings" (bottom of the new window) > "Templates" (WASD will be listed here) > scroll down and select "Gamepad with Joystick trackpad".


[Update October 9]

Login and joining friend issues should be resolved. If problems persist, please reach out to Player Support for assistance, and leave a bug report in our Discord server PC bug channel.

Thank you for your patience while we worked to resolve these issues.


We are aware of these issues with the PC Demo release:

  • [RESOLVED] Developers have identified a bug when attempting to join friends from the Friendship Constellation at home. Players may receive the message “Your friend is in a place you have not visited”. A fix for this issue will be released as soon as possible.
  • [RESOLVED] We are looking into an issue with linking existing Sky accounts to the PC Demo version. However, the option to use a new local account should be available and will allow players to play the demo and share feedback.


Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve these issues.