The use of mods is considered an unsupported version of playing the game and may also violate Sky: Children of the Light Terms of Service (ToS), as well as place player’s accounts and privacy at risk, therefore, we cannot guarantee that there are no risks involved in their creation or use. Unsupported means that we cannot provide support or troubleshooting for game accounts involved in the use of third party applications, programs, or software that manipulates gameplay or game features.

More specifically, we do not allow and strictly prohibit the use or creation of third party applications, programs, or software that manipulates gameplay or game features that:

  • Creates an unfair advantage for the player;

  • Automates or “bots” any game interaction or functionality;

  • Allows the player to infringe on the privacy of other players;

  • Attempts to modify or provide unfair or unearned progress or power;

  • Utilizes bugs or errors to exploit game features or mechanics;

  • Causes disruptions to the game, game servers, or any backend services that support Sky;

  • Involves sales, paid content, or services not provided for free.

The use and creation of third party applications, programs, and software like mods that do not fall under the categories listed above are done so at your own risk, with the understanding that the app or service is not an official TGC product.

Disclaimer: TGC maintains the right to prevent, limit, or remove any third party applications, mods, or associated game accounts, at its own discretion.

Sky: Children of the Light was thoughtfully designed to delight, intrigue, and bring family and friends together to create wholesome memories and enjoy spectacular adventures. Introducing third party applications poses a potential disturbance to a delicate balance carefully crafted to bring forth these intended experiences.

For more information on creating supplemental apps or services for Sky, please see: