Below are some steps and notes that may help you to enable HDR when you play Sky. Please note that this list isn't exhaustive; if the information we've provided does not apply to your specific device, software, or preferences, we highly encourage you to do your own research on how to manage your computer or Steam Deck setup.   

Windows 10 Setup


  1. Open your monitor’s settings menu (most monitors have physical buttons located on the Monitor itself)

  2. Enable HDR on the monitor

  3. Ensure you're using an appropriate cable such as HDMI 2.1 or DisplayPort. The cable should be plugged into a high-speed port. 

  4. Depending on your monitor, you may need to activate a “PC” specific mode to provide the best possible HDR experience. Check your monitor’s manual for details.

  5. Adjust color settings to your preference

Windows 10/11 Settings

  1. Set HDR to "on"

    • This can be toggled with Win + Alt + B if the Xbox Game Bar is active

  2. Set your monitor to the maximum supported refresh rate

    • Please note: You may need to adjust this for the best experience

  3. Set your monitor to its native resolution

Sky Settings

  • If your GPU is capable of it, you may want to enable maximum FPS and Graphical Quality within the in-game Graphics Settings:

Players using NVIDIA GPUs may also want to adjust the settings below.

Nvidia Control Panel

  1. Set "Vulkan/OpenGL Present method" to "prefer layered on DXGI Swapchain"

  2. Set Gsync on monitor to "Enable for windowed and full screen mode"

  3. If monitor is a 10- or 12-bit display, set 10bpc color

  4. Set resolution and refresh rate

Steam Deck Setup


  • Make sure the TV/monitor has HDR and GameMode enabled for low latency

    • HDR may only be available for external displays on SteamOS 3.5+

Steam Settings

  • For VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), go to the Display settings and set them to the desired frame rate

You may need to download a SteamOS version above 3.4.9. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Developer settings and enable (Show Advance Update Channels"

  2. Go to System settings and set "OS Update Channel" to "Main"

  3. Run the software update and wait for your device to finish rebooting

  4. Plug your SteamDeck into an HDR capable display

  5. Enable HDR in the Display settings 

Sky Settings

  • From the in-game settings menu, set the game resolution to "Native"