Greetings, Adventurers! This update brings more Seasonal Quests, a fireworks festival in Aviary Village, and another round of bug fixes and improvements.


Season of Revival Continues

We hope you’re enjoying the restoration of Aviary Village as you complete quests with the Hopeful Steward! With this patch, the 4th Seasonal Quest now becomes available on Monday November 13th (all times PST, UTC -8). As more quests unlock in upcoming weeks, you’ll meet more friendly faces from previous Seasons, and Aviary Village will open its doors to Spirits you’ve met across Sky’s realms.

You may also notice a new node in the Hopeful Steward’s Friendship Tree. This will become available later in the Season—once all Seasonal quests are finished, players can unlock the Steward’s hairstyle in exchange for regular Candles. (Since this is part of the Hopeful Steward’s regular Friendship Tree, the hairstyle will continue to be available after the Season ends.)


Aviary’s Firework Festival

Once the 6th Seasonal Quest becomes available, the countdown begins to a festival event that will celebrate the life and color players have helped bring back to Aviary Village. For 15 days from November 27th through December 11th, help the Enchanted Pyrotechnician event guide gather materials to create a magnificent fireworks show.

Once everything is ready, Complete the 8th Seasonal Quest along the center of the Hopeful Steward’s Friendship Tree to join the fireworks finale! This part of the festival begins on December 12th and continues December 17th. (We’ll share additional details about the finale as the start date approaches.)

From November 27th through December 11th, collect up to 5 event currency each day, each shaped like fireworks rockets:

  • 4 placed across Aviary Village
  • 1 to find in a realm of Sky—check in with the Enchanted Pyrotechnician to find out where to go!


Use the event currency to unlock these IGC (in-game currency) items from the Enchanted Pyrotechnician.

  • Festival Scepter: 36 event currency
  • Festival Earrings: 15 event currency


The scepter and earrings will be available from the Enchanted Pyrotechnician from November 27th through December 11th.

Note: Aviary’s Firework Festival event is intended to be a one-time event. However, while the event itself is not currently planned to return, the scepter and earrings will be brought back in the future in a different format.

This fireworks festival is also when a new, permanent event store will open in Aviary Village. Over time, players will be able to find different kinds of IAP cosmetics here—some during a set event window, and others as permanent, evergreen items available throughout the year.

Once the preparations for the fireworks festival begins, two new cosmetics sets will be introduced in the event store. To commemorate the occasion, these are designed after two themes that players may already recognize:

  • Moth Appreciation Pack: $9.99 (all prices USD)
    • Comes with a moth-themed cape and antennae head accessory
  • Sparrow Appreciation Pack: $9.99
    • Comes with a sparrow-themed cape and mask


These special starter bundles celebrate the players who have made Aviary Village and the Sky community itself vibrant and welcoming and will be permanently available. If you’d like to try them out, don’t forget that free trial spells will be available too! Find them in the spell shop in the Forgotten Ark area from November 27th through December 11th.

Aviary’s Firework Festival is open to all players who complete at least the 4th Season of Revival quest.


[Edit] 2023.11.13: IGC item information updated. Event currency required to unlock them increased slightly to reflect the slightly longer event time (15 days instead of 14 days); the participation rate to unlock both IGC items is still the same.


Updates to Player Creations

There are a few changes for Player Creations (Message Boats, Shared Spaces, and Shared Memories) we squeezed into this patch that we hope will make them easier to use as you play through the levels:

  • The size of the markers for Player Creations now varies based on the relationship you have with the person who placed it. Your own Creations are the biggest, then Creations placed by friends. Medium-sized are the markers from players whose Creations you want to see more of, and the smallest ones are from players who are strangers to you in the game.

  • The brightness of the marker varies in the same way—the brightest are your own, decreasing to least bright to indicate Creations from players you don’t know.

  • We also added a tweak to prevent Shared Spaces and Shared Memories markers from overlapping with each other


Other Updates

  • We’re working on adding and improving various graphics options, so you’ll see some changes to that part of the settings menu in this update (and future updates too). 
    • This update adds a toggle to choose fade-to-black for all transitions. This can be found in the Settings menu under the Graphics option.

      We’re working on other updates for future patches, but in the meantime we welcome your feedback as you use the different settings!

  • This patch should resolve the matchmaking issues in the Sanctuary Island area of Daylight Prairie and in Isle of Dawn, and bugs that made it hard to burn Dark Plants.
  • Don’t forget about Days of Giving! For a week from 00:00 November 20th until 23:59 November 26th, you can send double Hearts and find double Seasonal Light and double Treasure Candles in the realm. Check out the 0.23.0 patch notes for full details!


Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:

  • Two new hairstyles added in the closet and hair styling chair. These are free and meant to supplement the basic styles available to new players.
  • Fixed an issue where the Season of Revival Ultimate Cape did not always display the correct star pattern amount based upon a player’s cape energy level.
  • Aviary Village and Outfit shop polish.
  • Fixed mannequins animating when their capes are selected.
  • Player Creations cannot be placed at the entrance to Butterfly Fields in Prairie.
  • Resolved bugs blocking progress for 2nd and 5th Season of the Little Prince quests.
  • Fix for the camera's disorienting focus on quest fragments during the 2nd Seasonal Quest from Season of Dreams.
  • Fix for players being carried in piggyback are relocated to start of level or different level during level transition.
  • Days of Love Gondola floats properly on the water now.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the settings menu to not fit on screen on certain mobile devices.
  • FIxed a bug that prevented notifications being turned off on Android devices using Android OS 13.
  • Tweaked Seed of Hope Spirit's hairstyle to reduce clipping with the avatar's head in windy areas
  • Reduced Mellow Musician's cape clipping into avatar body.
  • Restored the green edge of the Season of Assembly bandanna hairstyles.
  • Tweaked collared Gratitude, Lightseekers, Rhythm, Prophecy, and Little Prince capes to reduce clipping with body outfit items.
  • Adjustments to Grateful Shell Collector's hair and Chill Sunbather's hat to reduce clipping issues with head accessories.
  • Improvements to cloud visuals.
  • Environment polish for the Wind Paths area.


As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join the community discussion on our official Discord server at!