What is the Sky Web Store?

  • The Sky Web Store is an alternative online web payment method we’ve recently added allowing players to purchase in-game store items (IAPs) through Xsolla Pay.

  • You can access it from this link: 


  • You will need to use your Sky ID when Xsolla asks for your User ID in-game.

  • Players can make payments without entering their card data each time.

  • All purchases made with Xsolla Pay will be added automatically to your Xsolla Account; you’ll be able to check their status, manage them, and even request a refund.

Am I able to give a gift using the Sky Web Store?

Gifting items using the Sky Web Store is not supported at this time. 

Note: Please treat your Sky ID with privacy and caution. Only share your Sky ID with official TGC Support (through our Contact Us support chat) or specific partners such as Xsolla. Xsolla uses your SkyID as UserID to add currency and purchases to your account. 

Remember to keep your Sky ID private outside of your Sky Web Store account.

More information about how to protect your Sky account can be found at this FAQ: https://thatgamecompany.helpshift.com/hc/en/17-sky-children-of-the-light/faq/471-can-i-share-my-account-or-login-data/ 

How do I find my Sky ID / User ID?

  1. Login to Sky on your preferred device.

  2. Click/tap the settings cogwheel in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

  3. Click/tap on Account.

  4. Click/tap on Account Info.

  5. Press the copy button to use your SkyID on Xsolla Pay.

Will purchased Candles, Seasonal Candles, and Season Passes work on any platform?

You can buy Candles, Seasonal Candles, and Gift Passes for the game to use on any device, except for Nintendo Switch. This does not affect special event items and other in-app purchases, which remain accessible regardless of where they were purchased.

Please note that the Seasonal Candles that come with a Season Pass, and the Gift Passes that come with a Season Pack, will be available only on a mobile device. However, the rest of the perks that come with a pass will apply on all platforms.

Candles, Seasonal Candles, Season Passes, and Gift Passes bought on a Nintendo Switch device are exclusively usable within that platform. If these are bought on the Sky Web Store, a Switch player will need to log into their Sky account on a mobile device in order to use them.

What should I do if I encounter a purchase error?

If you are having issues or errors with Xsolla’s web purchasing platform, please contact Xsolla’s Support Team here: https://help.xsolla.com/en/xsolla-pay/i-have-issues-with-xsolla-pay

For refund questions or requests, please consult this FAQ: https://help.xsolla.com/en/refunds/refund-my-digital-purchase