There are many ways to chat with others in Sky, whether in-game or outside with Steam’s built-in chat features. 

Within the game, chatting can be unlocked between friends using candles (in-game currency) or is available for a limited time while sitting in a chat-enabling space, such as a bench. You can read more about in-game chatting here:

Additionally, Steam’s own Chat Client will function identically to other Steam-supported games. This chat client is a separate pop-out window that can be accessed while in-game. Using this feature you can only chat with your Steam friends via a direct message, you cannot connect with other Sky players via the Steam Chat Client.

Within the Steam Chat Client, players can use voice chat to communicate while in-game. This feature is not currently supported by Sky, and moderation is exclusively handled by Steam. Any reports regarding the Voice chat functionality or friend behavior while in voice chat, etc. should be directed to the Steam Support team.

More information on Steam’s Chat Client & Voice can be found here:

If you need any more help, please do not hesitate to reach out to Sky Support by Contacting Us below.