Greetings, Adventurers!

This patch is full of welcomes—a welcome to our latest Season, a special collaboration event for a grand opening, new features and most importantly: a HUGE welcome to PC Early Access players!


Steam Early Access Begins—with Campaign Wishlist Rewards and More!

Welcome Steam PC players! On April 10th, Early Access officially begins, and we’re making it a celebration for everyone to enjoy. Mark your calendars for these special in-game festivities:

  • Double Hearts and a mountain of Treasure Candles:
    • From 00:00 April 10th until 23:59 April 16th, every Heart gift or partial Heart gift sent to friends will be automatically doubled. (Remember, this applies only to gifts sent while Double Hearts are active, so if a gift is sent before April 10th and then picked up after Double Hearts begins, it won’t be doubled.) There will also be a TON of Treasure Candles in the realms. Every day there will be eight locations for Treasure Candles in each level from Daylight Prairie through Vault of Knowledge—that’s 40 Treasure Candles to gather Light from. (And yes, this is more than the numbers of Treasure Candles that we originally announced. Happy Early Access, everyone!)

  • Special Traveling Spirit Visit: Dancing Performer
    • The winner of last year’s special Traveling Spirit Community Vote, Dancing Performer will be the second Traveling Spirit to visit after April 10th, so get ready for their arrival from April 25th through the 28th!

Not to mention, the Companion Cube will be permanently available to players on PC and Steam Deck—find it in the Event Shop in Aviary Village for 50 Candles.

We’ve also had the special opportunity to offer the Journey Pack to players regardless of the platform they play on. This pack includes a cape and hood modeled after the iconic red outfit worn by the Journey™ traveler, and it comes with a mask that gives your avatar a unique Journey™-inspired voice when you wear it. The pack will be in the game menu shop ($24.99, all prices USD) and will be continually available even after the PC launch festivities wrap up!

While Sky PC is in Early Access, Steam players will be able to play the full version of the game. This special Early Access period will ensure that the full suite of Steam PC features can be implemented and made to shine!

This includes things like integrating Steam friends, Steam achievements, and support for Remote Play. It also gives us the chance to keep enhancing game graphics with HDR and VRR support, so please keep sending in your feedback as we work to make the PC experience the absolute best it can be!


Season of Nesting

Starting on April 15th, Sky’s latest Season continues Aviary Village’s expansion, putting Sky children front and center with a new location ready to be made into something truly special.

Head to the Nesting Workshop in Aviary, where the Nesting Guide awaits you. Talk to them to complete Seasonal Quests and unlock your very own Nest in a newly constructed area of the village. Customize your Nest with a few preset items provided, or with props you already have on hand.

Looking for something to make your Nest a bit cozier? This Season’s items have you covered! Special displays in the Nesting Workshop are particularly focused on decor and offer a variety of wood-hewn items, from planters and hanging lamps to cozy sofas and a spot for your Sky kid to catch a well-earned nap.

The Nesting Guide offers two Ultimate Gifts: an outfit and a figurine with dual functions as both a prop and cosmetic. Pick any outfit items from your closet to display on the figurine. You can place the figurine anywhere from your Nest to your favorite realms, and Sky kids who pass by who also own the cosmetics the figurine is wearing can switch their outfits to match!

As for your Nest, it’s yours to design however you want, whether your aim is a relaxing nook, chaotic arthouse, or anything in between. Privacy settings allow you to welcome friends for a visit, too, so you can share a Sky kid house party or inspiration for a future Nest design.

Season of Nesting begins at 00:00 April 15th and continues until 23:59 June 30th. The full Season can be enjoyed for free by all players who have progressed to at least Hidden Forest. Season Pass holders will also have the opportunity to unlock additional seasonal items, including the Ultimate Gifts.


Sky × Cinnamoroll Pop-Up Cafe

A village isn’t complete without a cafe, and it’s finally time to open one in Sky. From 00:00 April 27th through 23:59 May 17th, join us for a collaboration event for the grand opening of Aviary Village’s new cafe, featuring the beloved Sanrio character Cinnamoroll! This shy but friendly pooch knows a thing or two about cafes, and they’ll be in Aviary Village for a special three-week celebration welcoming Sky kids to the newest gathering place in the kingdom.

During the event, you’ll be able to find Cinnamoroll in the cafe or out and about exploring Aviary Village. Complete themed Daily Quests as Cinnamoroll explores the area, take snapshots with the festive decor, and of course, stop by the cafe counter to try some of the freshly baked Light pastries that Tiptoeing Tea-Brewer will be preparing for everyone.

Keep an eye out for event currency—five per day, which you can find through a themed Daily Quest, putting in an order at the new cafe, and taking pictures together with Cinnamoroll himself.

These can be used in the cafe to unlock:

  • Cozy Teacup Headband: 22 event currency
  • Cozy Cafe Table: 52 event currency


Cinnamoroll fans may also find an item or two they wish to purchase as a memento of the grand opening:

  • Cinnamoroll Pop-Up Cafe Mini Companion: $6.99
    • A companion to perch atop your head on your adventures
  • Cinnamoroll Pop-Up Cafe Bowtie and Cloud Cape: $14.99
  • Cinnamoroll Pop-Up Cafe Combo: $14.99
    • Includes a swirled hair style and a head accessory modeled after Cinnamoroll’s ears (you’ll still need a cape to fly, though!)
  • Cinnamoroll Pop-Up Cafe Plushie: $14.99
    • Includes a function that allows the owner and any friends they’re holding hands with to see all the Cinnamoroll decorations in the cafe even after the event ends when the plushie is placed on the mantle in the cafe.

Please note that items from this collaboration event are not currently planned to return, and free trial spells will not be available. The event is available to all players who have progressed to at least Daylight Prairie.

Although the grand opening celebration will come to an end, the cafe will remain open in Aviary! Stop by to find help for your Sky adventures, to offer your help to other players, or simply to say hello to the Tiptoeing Tea-Brewer!


New Feature: Stone Furniture & Decor Set

Since player homes (Nests) will be a permanent addition to the game, once the Nesting Workshop opens in Aviary Village, we’re introducing another permanent addition to Sky: a rotating selection of stone-hewn furniture and decor.

This assortment of more than 50 items that can be unlocked over time and at your own pace using a variety of in-game currency, similar to the cosmetics offered by the base game constellation Spirits.

With so many items to choose from, there’s something to suit any vibe you might want to create for your Nest! That said, if you eventually find yourself wanting something a little different than this set or the Season of Nesting items…well, for now we’ll just say that this is a feature we have more plans for, so stay tuned for future updates!


New Feature: Nesting Challenges

Another feature arrives in this update: Nesting Challenges!

Nesting Challenges are a permanent addition to the game and can be accessed through a special board in the Nesting Workshop once you start the third Seasonal Quest. There are three categories of challenges, each with their own tree. Once all challenges in a tree are completed, a unique interactive item becomes available to unlock for in-game currency.

Some challenges are focused on (appropriately enough) your Nest, while others can be done out in the realms. These are entirely separate from the Season, so they can be completed over time as you play the game in your own style and on your own schedule!


New Feature: Heart Gifting for Player Creations

Sky kids have shared amazing designs over the years in the messages, music, and stories showcased in their Player Creations. In 0.25.0, we’re adding something that we think will make it easier to show appreciation for the Player Creations you encounter and give more ways to connect with others even if you aren’t online together—and not to mention, offer an extra option for gifting or receiving Hearts.

Beginning in this update, once you “like” a creation, the menu gives an option to use three Candles to send a Heart to the creator of that message, Shared Space, or Shared Memory—similar to how you can send a Heart to a friend.

The recipient will be able to pick up their Heart (or Hearts!) from the Daily Quest shrine in Home or the Friendship Constellation statue in Aviary Village.

There are a few differences with gifting Hearts through Player Creations compared to regular Heart gifts:

  • Players can send a Heart to the player who made a Player Creation even if they aren’t already friends.
  • Player Creation Heart gifts can be given in addition to regular Heart gifts on the same day. 
    • You can send an individual player a maximum of one Heart through one of their Player Creations each day, regardless of how many Player Creations they have placed in the realms.


This means a couple of other changes compared to how Hearts from Player Creations worked before this update. This replaces the previous system that rewarded one Heart after a certain number of “likes,” so receiving a set amount of “likes” no longer results in a Heart. However, players will still be able to “like” any creation they see. The creator of a Message, Shared Space, or Shared Memory can also receive multiple Hearts for a creation they’ve made.

We’ll continue to fine-tune this feature over time, and we hope this opens new possibilities for players to connect as they travel across the realms!


Note: This feature will not be enabled immediately with the 0.25.0 update while we resolve a bug, so if a player attempts to send a Heart through a Player Creation, it will temporarily cause a server error. We’re working on a fix for this as soon as possible—until then, the older version of “liking” a Player Creation that results in a Heart after getting a certain number of “likes” will remain in place. Thank you for understanding!


Other Updates

  • Traveling Spirits will be able to appear in both Aviary Village and Home.

  • We’ve added a bunch of polish and updates for Shared Spaces and other Player Creations, like improved menu UI, a “cancel” option while in edit mode, and icons that indicate if something was made by a friend or a player whose Creations you’ve opted to see more of.

  • As mentioned in our 0.24.5 patch notes, in this update the appearance of the Nine-Colored Deer has been slightly adjusted.



Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:


  • Based on player feedback, the default cheerful animations when “liking” a Player Creation were removed to avoid potentially inappropriate avatar responses depending on the content of a creation.
  • Chat messages won’t disappear from a text box if you tap outside of the box and close it before sending the message.
  • Made adjustments to lighting to address a widely reported issue that the lighting particularly in darker levels like Hidden Forest and Golden Wasteland had lost their color and become too dim.
  • Fixed an issue with Performance Guide's hair giving them an abnormally large head.
  • Fixed a bug in Eye of Eden that could randomly separate players who were holding hands.
  • Elder Masks worn by other players won’t appear in their “broken” state when transitioning between levels.
  • The Hopeful Steward Spirit can now be hugged after a player completes the third quest in their tree.


Want to know more about some other fixes in this patch? Find further details below!


Audio & Appearance

  • Fixed audio not playing consistently when diving.
  • Restored SFX for the sparkler prop available to use in Shared Spaces in Valley of Triumph.
  • For Shard Eruptions, added bright beacon lights to distant meteor shards to help players find them from a distance
  • One Eye of Eden is more than enough for the realms, so the doppelganger Eye of Eden mountain that was looming over Hermit Valley has been banished.
  • Fixed for meshes and graphical corruption related to the Season of the Nine-Colored Deer mural and weird lighting in some spots in Crescent Oasis.
  • When a player is being carried by a friend and then jumps off, their friend now properly sees them jump off.
  • Unclipped some gnarly clipping that was happening when a player was cradle-carrying a friend and then took out their candle to light something in Eye of Eden.
  • As endlessly fascinating as Sky children are, it wasn't necessary for the camera to super-zoom onto their heads when changing the camera to certain angles while a player was floating on the surface of water.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some props to appear blindingly bright in darker levels.
  • Snowboard prop should now stick to the player’s feet when they jump, and scale properly when equipped on players using a huge or tiny spell.
  • Fixed broken textures on the Nature Sonorous Seashell prop and the prop from the Playfighting Herbalist.
  • Racecourse prop lights won’t remain visible when viewing a Shared Memory.
  • Potential resolution to the Season of Remembrance Ultimate Gift lantern looking metallic.
  • Fixed the fur trim on the Juggler cape and the 2020 red Days of Feast cape from sinking into an avatar's chest when looking down.
  • Fixed an issue with certain shoes clipping with avatar's feet.
  • Confetti Cousin and Pleaful Parent capes now animate correctly while flying.
  • Season of Moments and Season of Revival pendants won’t clip into the neckline of the red cape from Stretching Guru.
  • Patched a hole in the Exhausted Dock Worker's mesh.
  • Fixed Laidback Pioneer hair clipping through avatar's face during certain movements.
  • Side hug emote animates correctly when two players use it at the same time.
  • Redistributed the Candles in a more natural fashion along the main path of Aviary Village.
  • Hopeful Steward won’t stand in the wrong spot when you return from the barber’s workshop. They also won’t remain standing by the resume meditation pad after a player has already used it.
  • The cape from the Journey Pack won’t clip with props worn on an avatar’s back.


General Fixes and Improvements:

  • Daily quest to recharge your light from a jellyfish or light "mushroom" can now be completed after recharging one bar on your energy meter.
  • Players will now be reborn in the level they chose as a loading point when finishing a storm run and completing the credits.
  • Updated the position of the Moments Guide at the start of the second Moments quest to avoid clipping with terrain.
  • Made a change to prevent adding spells like Shared Memories during the final Season of Moments cutscene, since the button overlapped with the snapshot button and prevented players from taking a picture.
  • Other players are no longer visible inside the glass jar alongside the Rose while completing Season of the Little Prince quests.
  • Currency count isn't displayed when it's at zero.
  • Using the sit emote will break your handhold if you are being carried, but not if you are carrying others.
  • Meditation circles don't break players' handhold while sitting if those players are outside the circle.
  • Made fixes to address Sky accounts not relinking after unlinking and attempting to relink them.
  • Added a new tab in the prop closet to help organize different types of furniture props.
  • The jitterbug is a cool old-timey dance. What isn’t a cool old-timey dance: a bug that made players jitter (and slide and move oddly) when picking up a plushie prop while using preview mode in a Shared Space, so that jittery bug has been fixed.
  • If your load point is set to Aviary Village, the “Home” button in the expression menu will no longer be disabled while you’re in the Home area.
  • Cooldown for Player Creation spells unified to 30 seconds for all spells.
  • Fixed a bug that enabled functionality that a cape might have (e.g. teleporting) while previewing it before purchase or unlocking in the cape workshop.
  • When being led by a friend in handhold, spamming emotes no longer gets you stuck in place.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an empty menu item to appear on the bottom of the screen when you collect Heart fragments from a friend.
  • Fixed a bug where UI objects would overlap with the firework staff button.
  • Fixed a text overlap issue on the Report a Player menu.
  • All Player Creations should now be properly viewable to a player being led by a friend or other player who is viewing it.
  • Survey buttons should no longer steal control over the camera when a controller is used.
  • The two Spirits who liked to hang out together in Aviary Village are back on the beach.
  • Removed invisible firework jars in Aviary Village.
  • Players who have never visited Aviary Village won’t suddenly appear there after completing a full run through Eye of Eden.
  • Chat props appear properly for other players
  • [Android] Fixed Sky Codes returning a "null" error when Android players try to add friends.
  • [iOS] Fixed Apple's native text translation feature not working for chat text input.
  • [PlayStation] Fixed an issue that prevented the translation option from being selected in the chat log.
  • Improvements for new player experience, including a cutscene to explain Candles.
  • Fixed crashes that could occur when spamming emotes or prop placement at the end of the Bearhug Hermit’s race in the Village of Dreams.
  • Other players won’t crash in certain cases of playing the Days of Fortune drum after they join another player’s session.
  • Newer default hairs now persist through sessions.
  • Fixed a bug with the warp option in the Friendship Tree: If a player has unlocked warp with a friend and then disabled warp with them, the friend can no longer warp to that player within the same area.
  • Notifications are now batched to reduce the number of notifications sent.
  • Taking a stroll through Prairie Peaks, the rock admired the blooms and vibrant life all around. The rock wasn't brave enough to tempt lightning the way the Sky kids were doing, but they still enjoyed watching the children fly from blossom to blossom and play among the lily pads. Hiking through the peaks was a lot of work, though, so they decided to head back to a more populated area to see if they could find a cozy spot to relax after a long day.


Please refer to this page for known issues ongoing or introduced with this patch: Known Issues Patch 0.25.0.


As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join the community discussion on our official Discord server at!