Candles purchased through the in-game store on PC/Steam, iOS, Android, Huawei, and PlayStation will all appear under the same Candle count displayed on your Sky interface while playing the game. 

Candles purchased on the Nintendo Switch are only able to be used on the Switch version of Sky and will display a different Candle amount based on the device you’re currently using to play Sky. 

This means that your candle balance may change depending on what platform you are playing on.

Types of Candles

There are ultimately two types of normal candles that can be obtained, Earned and Purchased:

  • Earned: Candles a player has gained through playing Sky or being gifted

    • Examples

      • Forging by collecting Light

      • Reward for Daily Quest

      • Seasonal Candles come with Gift Pass if you are sent by your friend

      • Reward for winning official events (e.g. weekly poll, screenshot challenge)

  • Purchased: Candles a player has gained through in-app purchases on mobile, through the Nintendo Switch eShop, through the PlayStation shop, or the Steam shop.

    • Examples:

      • Any Candles / Seasonal Candles purchased at the in-game Shop

      • Seasonal Candles come with Season Pass for your own

      • Candles bundled with any IAP items (e.g. Starter Pack)

NOTE:  Whenever you use Candles in-game, your purchased Candle currency will always be spent before your earned Candles regardless of the platform. Earned Candles will be seen across all platforms.

The restrictions outlined above apply only to purchased currencies including candles/seasonal candles (either purchased directly or bundled with in-app purchases), as well as Gift Passes. 

In-game obtained currency (candles, hearts, etc.) and items, in-app purchases, and Season Pass benefits (excluding bundled seasonal candles) are available across all platforms.


  • Players can send a friend within Sky a Gift Pass that was purchased on their mobile device or PlayStation device from their PC/Steam and vice-versa, as mobile, PlayStation, and PC/Steam can gift passes and packs interchangeably. However, if the Gift Pass was purchased on Nintendo Switch it can only be gifted to a friend from your Switch device.

  • Due to platform limitations, Candle packs or bundles that include candles cannot be gifted from PC/Steam players to Nintendo Switch. However, the reverse is possible as players on Switch can gift those items to players on PC/Steam.

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