Greetings, Adventurers! We have a hotfix ready for everyone!


NOTE: Even though some platforms are on 0.25.1 and some are on 0.25.2, ALL platforms have crossplay and will see the SAME content.


This update includes:

  • The turtle is back in the Sanctuary Islands area of Daylight Prairie!
  • Resolved a bug that prevented two friends from meeting each other if they first met in a Nest, then left and tried to reenter the Nest.
  • Gave the instrument UI the space it needs on Switch Lite and iPad Mini screens.
  • Players friended through an invite code appear properly in the Friendship Constellation.
  • Brought the response radius for tapping the Constellation icon back to the area of the actual icon. 
  • Fixed the same key being used to save a Nest and hug a plushie.
  • Foot bag prop can be selected when editing a Shared Space.
  • When flying straight up to then mount a prop you’ve placed, after you’re perched or seated or lying down, you’re no longer unable to move.
  • Avatar torso won’t twist in a really uncomfortable-looking way anymore when taking the Hopeful Steward’s hand in the first Revival quest.
  • Gameplay camera once again adjusts height when player sits or lies down.
  • In the settings menu, text for the “Home” button is no longer the lone bolded text.
  • No more overlapping text when viewing the Season Pass purchase screen.
  • Fixed visual errors with the Ultimate Gift outfit from Season of the Nine-Colored Deer while flying.
  • Restored the missing particle effect to the Winter Feast Snowglobe.
  • Placeables won’t stay a hypnotic albeit weird pulsing blue if a player doesn’t tap on it within 60 seconds after the on-screen placement hint appears.
  • Shared Memory recording won’t be interrupted with a text box popup after using the race course prop’s meditation pad.
  • Players can now interact with Shared Memory recordings while in Festival Tech mode.
  • [PC] Quit button appears on the title screen.
  • [PC] Cursor won’t be omnipresent when using a controller.
  • [PC] Cursor properly dismisses when switching windows then resuming the game.
  • [PC] Spirit Relationship Trees won’t resize or disappear.
  • [PC] Fixed aliasing lines that were visible when scrolling through a Spirit Relationship Tree.
  • [PlayStation] Fix for startup crashes.



As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join the community discussion on our official Discord server at!