Hello everyone! This update brings a slew of bug fixes, plus the rest of the Season and some updates to Nests and the Nesting Challenge Board. Mark your calendars for two favorites on the Sky event calendar, too: Days of Nature and Days of Color!


Season of Nesting Continues

This patch brings the second half of the Season, with new quests to share with the Nesting Guide—not to mention new features and improvements for your Nest. The update has tweaks for improved lighting in your Nest at night, more unique animations for avatars as they sit on different types of furniture, plus a new feature that we’re hoping will spark inspiration for everyone: an option in your Nest menu to view other Nests.

You’ll be able to “scroll” through a preview of these Nests that favors ones your friends have made while also showing Nests that other players have made too. It’s just a preview, though, so you won’t see anyone in this view, and other players won’t see anyone who might be viewing their Nest through this feature either.

What you’ll see in the 0.25.5 update is the first version of this view feature. We want to use your feedback as we keep building on it, so once the next patch goes live and you get a chance to try it out, let us know what you think in the #live-feedback channel on our Discord server and feedback threads on our official Facebook page!

Season of Nesting continues until 23:59 June 30th (all times PDT, UTC -7).


Nesting Challenge Board

Don’t forget, the Nesting Challenge Board is a permanent addition to the game, so its quests (and rewards) will remain in the game even after the Season ends. The remaining quests can be unlocked beginning in this patch (but again, no rush on these—they’re sticking around).

After completing all the challenges in a tree, several props will be available to unlock: an instrument stand, a music player, and a stone figurine.

  • Instrument stand: Use it to set out any one instrument from your closet to play. If it’s placed in an area where other players can interact with it, they can play the instrument you set out!
  • Music player: Plays various pieces of music that are in the game. There are several “channels” that have their own musical themes.
  • Stone figurine: A decorative figure that can wear any hairstyle, hats, neck items, or capes you have in your closet. (This is a decorative item only; it will not allow players to copy and wear the same items that the stone figurine is wearing.)


Days of Nature

Days of Nature brings a new experience to Prairie Peaks! From 00:00 May 27th through 23:59 June 16th, join your fellow Sky kids and a group of determined Spirits to help protect the mountain river—a Shard Eruption during the event threatens the waters of one of Sky’s most pristine spaces.

Each week brings a different phase as the Spirits try and retry to build a device that can contain the eruption’s Darkness. Clear the pollution to earn Light, but beware! A new creature is at home in that Darkness, and they don’t appreciate it when Sky children get too close…

During the event you can find 4 event currency each day, placed in different spots around Prairie Peaks. Use these to unlock this year’s new IGC items:

  • Ocean Mask: 16 event currency
  • Ocean Blue Scarf: 40 event currency


This year the event will again offer special IAPs to support charity efforts focused on real-world cleanup work in oceans and waterways.

Half of the total list price of items listed here will be donated to these efforts. The remaining amount will cover platform fees and a portion of development. (Platform fees: the amount that all developers are charged for each sale on platforms such as the Apple App Store, Google Play, etc. Development: includes operations, taxes, and post-event refunds.)

  • New this year—Nature Wave Pack: $19.99 (all prices USD)
    • As a token of gratitude in return, 75 regular Candles are included with the purchase of this charity pack
    • $10.00: donated to charity
  • Ocean Necklace: $1.99
    • $1.00: donated to charity
  • Nature Sonorous Seashell: $4.99
    • This placeable item has a toggle to play relaxing ocean sound effects
    • $2.50: donated to charity
  • Earth Cape: $4.99
    • $2.50: donated to charity
  • Ocean Cape: $14.99
    • $7.50: donated to charity
  • Nature Glasses Pack: $19.99
    • A toggle for these sunglasses adds a bluer tint to the world around you
    • As a token of gratitude in return, 75 regular Candles are included with the purchase of this charity pack
    • $10: donated to charity
  • Nature Turtle Pack: $19.99
    • As a token of gratitude in return, 75 regular Candles are included with the purchase of this charity pack
    • $10: donated to charity

For more details about our past support for ocean clean-up projects, check out our page here!


Players can also choose from several returning items for IGC or for regular purchase as souvenirs of the event. (Please note that these are not charity items.)

  • New item—Nature Wave-Touched Hair: $6.99
  • Nature School Cape: 180 Candles
    • An asymmetrical cape featuring a partially transparent motif
  • Nature Coral Crown Accessory: 20 Hearts
  • Nature Turtle Cape: $14.99


Free trial spells for all items will be in the event shop in Aviary Village. Items can be found to unlock or purchase in the event shop in Aviary Village or from the in-game shop menu. The event guide in Prairie Peaks will offer some of those items in their Friendship Tree, too!


Days of Color

From 00:00 June 24th through 23:59 July 7th, the skies will again be filled with vibrant rainbows reflecting the diverse world we share!

Talk to Spirits in Aviary Village or Home to join them in an area high above the Daylight Prairie Village. There you can unlock a colorful rainbow puzzle day by day (with friends or solo)—and take a dip in a magical geyser that will add a splash of color to your avatar’s cape and more.

Once the day’s color puzzle is unlocked, soar into a new area to enjoy enchanting scenery and a brand new racecourse that can host some friendly runs through its twists and turns. With a host of improvements this year, you just might find yourself in your new favorite place in Sky, too. These festivities are all about celebrating the tapestry we create together, sharing a message of hope and the beauty of a world where all colors can shine.

As you soar around the event space, watch out for 5 rainbow-shaped event currency each day: 4 around the area, and 1 from completing the day’s color puzzle.

This year we’re proud to once again share that we’ll be supporting the The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and mental health organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) young people. The Trevor Project’s programs include crisis services, education, peer support for people around the world, and other efforts to ensure young people can have the chance to thrive no matter who they are.

2024 Days of Color Campaign Items

  • New this year—Dark Rainbow Loafers: $19.99
    • As a token of gratitude in return, 75 regular Candles are included with the purchase of this campaign pack
    • $10.00: Days of Color 2024 campaign
  • Dark Rainbow Pack $9.99
    • As a token of gratitude in return, 40 regular Candles are included with the purchase of this campaign pack
    • $5.00: Days of Color 2024 campaign
  • Rainbow Pack flower hair accessory: $19.99
    • As a token of gratitude in return, 75 regular Candles are included with the purchase of this campaign pack
    • $10.00: Days of Color 2024 campaign
  • Double Rainbow Pack flower hair accessory: $9.99
    • As a token of gratitude in return, 40 regular Candles are included with the purchase of this campaign pack
    • $5.00: Days of Color 2024 campaign


Other Days of Color Items

The cosmetics below will be offered for sale or in exchange for in-game currency. They can be found from the event guide Spirits, or from the in-game shop. (Please note that these are not campaign items.)

New this year:

  • Color Glam Cut: 18 event currency
  • Dark Rainbow Mask: 32 event currency
  • Color Bubble Machine: $14.99
    • The bubbles from this prop change to match the cape color of the closest player!


This year’s event is also the one-year anniversary of event currency! These are used for the newest in-game currency items in an event in the current year, so items introduced for event currency last year can now be unlocked for varying amounts of regular in-game currency this year.

Returning items:

  • Dark Rainbow Cape: 177 Candles
  • Rainbow Cape: 175 Candles
  • Rainbow Trousers: 95 Candles
  • Rainbow Braid Accessory: 20 Hearts
  • Rainbow Earring: $2.99
  • Rainbow Headphones: $9.99
  • Rainbow Hat: $9.99
  • Dark Rainbow Tunic: $14.99


Free trial spells for all of these will be available in the Aviary Village event shop. Check out the event shop, in-game menu, and the event’s Guide Spirits to purchase or unlock items!


Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:


  • Added a new node in the Nesting Guide’s Friendship Tree to teleport from Home directly to the Nesting Workshop.
  • Restored normal chat functionality to the Purple Bloom Teaset, Cozy Cafe Table, and the Season of Remembrance tea kettle.
  • Fixed Hearts appearing not to be collected from the Friendship Constellation when the recipient also had a gift of Light to collect from the same friend star.
  • Traveling Spirit properly appears in both Aviary Village and Home.
  • Fixed cases of a friend’s Nest being empty when you joined them.
  • Fixed excessive bloom and brightness occurring in certain areas of levels, like underwater in Prairie Peaks, Valley of Triumph Citadel and races, the end of Eye of Eden, Golden Wasteland Graveyard, and other locations.
  • You can now hold your candle and pick up a crab too (instead of dropping it like before).
  • Updated Daily Quest list UI.

Want more details about some other fixes in this patch? Read the full list below!


General Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed white narrative candles giving Light. This doesn’t affect the total amount of Light available in the game from red candles.
  • [iOS] First round of changes to support bluetooth keyboard gameplay on iOS.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed a player to use and then cancel a Shared Spaces spell in order to recharge with it, without consuming the spell.
  • Picking up a plushie in a Shared Space or Nest while in preview mode should no longer risk launching it into the air or out the window.
  • Additional fixes to ensure new default hairstyles persist between game sessions.
  • Fixed some audio distortion issues that could occur after prolonged play.
  • Fixed a bug that activated the prop cooldown timer in the expression menu when a player used a controller or keyboard to attempt to retrieve a prop.
  • Heart Gift text is no longer blocked by the Meditation Pad hint text when claiming a Heart at the Return Shrine in Home.
  • Potential resolution for a bug that was preventing some players from sending Hearts through the Friendship Constellation. (This one was tricky to investigate and reproduce internally, so we’ll continue to monitor the bug report channels/threads on Discord and Facebook in case folks are still encountering it!)
  • [Steamdeck] The previous sent message isn’t duplicated in the chat input box when opening it.



  • When a player exits the game, any friends who were with them in their Nest are now moved back to Aviary Village.
  • To prevent cases where a player would be spawned beneath the map, using the elevator to go to your Nest now breaks handhold.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed interactions with items, Player Creations, and other objects during preview mode for a Shared Space or Nest.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented equipped props from being placed in your Nest until you had entered and exited edit mode.
  • Fixed an error that allowed placement of items outside of Nests.
  • In Festival Tech mode, when a player transitions levels they’ll stay with the same group of Festival Tech avatars.
  • Unified functionality for all Player Creations that allows a player to see the same Creation that someone who isn’t their friend is viewing.
  • The turtle in Sanctuary Island is back to their regular schedule.
  • NOTE: An ongoing bug is preventing the footbag prop from functioning when it’s placed in a Shared Space or Nest. We’re continuing to work on a permanent fix for this issue, but for now the prop will temporarily be unplaceable in Shared Spaces and Nests to reduce confusion the bug may cause.



  • Added countdown timers to all the seasonal items in the Nesting Workshop to more directly indicate that these will no longer be available after Season of Nesting ends.
  • Updated and added backpacks to carry some of the furniture props that looked kinda awkward squished down onto avatars’ backs.
  • Corrected the color of one of the Season of Gratitude capes.
  • Spikes for the base game mohawk hairstyle are spikier.
  • Slight tweak to Bearhug Hermit horn accessory to match boots.
  • Backend optimization for some hairstyles, which may make the red hair clip on the Sparkler Parent hairstyle appear a bit more vibrant.
  • The light from the Season of Assembly lantern shines in the correct direction.
  • Potential resolution for a shader issue that made Season of Rhythm hairstyles look metallic.


Graphics & Appearance

  • Polished Player Creations menu UI.
  • Fixed a slew of bugs where the player’s arms or feet would clip into a furniture item.
  • Your Sky kid’s eyes should now close when you’re sleeping on the stone-made bed.
  • Fixed a quirk where the camera would randomly pull back a little after your avatar stood still for a bit.
  • When another player rings the bells in Aviary Village, it won’t cause your avatar to do the animation as if you were the one ringing them.
  • [iOS] Fixed a bug with the Season of Moments camera prop—now when in-game recording while using that camera, the recording UI will continue to display properly even if you put the Moments camera away.
  • No more really uncomfortable-looking torso twisting when a player takes the Hopeful Steward’s hand at the beginning of the first Revival quest.
  • Realigned timer with icon when viewing an activated spell icon in the expression menu.



  • Improvements to gamepad controls for selecting different interact options.
  • Other players’ avatars can be selected while holding the alt key.
  • Windowed mode is saved as a user preference between sessions.
  • Game recognizes your primary gamepad input based on whichever controller a player most recently connected or used.
  • Quest beacons render at the proper size regardless of desktop scale settings.
  • Arrow keys function as intended when assigned custom controls under Controller Settings.
  • V button can be properly used when assigned to features such as chat, currency, item abilities, etc.
  • Unduplicated the duplicated back button key legend for music sheets.
  • Vietnamese characters can be properly entered when using the spacebar.
  • Improved text input for Korean characters.
  • Support for Thai input.


Please refer to this page for known issues ongoing or introduced with this patch: Known Issues Patch 0.25.5.


As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join the community discussion on our official Discord server at discord.gg/thatskygame!