During the initial weeks of Season of Nesting, some props from the furniture workshop were priced incorrectly.

These included:

  • Single stone bed from week 1
  • Tall stone dresser from week 2
  • Pillow decor from week 3
  • Folded cloth decor from week 4

The purchase menu mistakenly indicated that players could place two beds and one dresser—but the edit mode correctly reflected the ability to place two dressers and one bed.

We then found that the pillow and folded cloth prices were incorrect. They were priced in Hearts when they should have been priced in Candles. This is fixed now, but players who unlocked those items at the incorrect price will receive a complete currency refund.

We also considered those who might have been discouraged by the incorrect Heart prices the first time these appeared. For folks who may consider adding these items to their furniture lineup, we’ll have the pillow and folded cloth return with the regularly scheduled Nesting Shop rotation for two weeks: July 8th through 21st PDT.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we worked to resolve this issue.