If you would like to participate in our Sky beta testing program, you will need to follow these steps:
  1. Join our official Discord server (discord.gg/thatskygame).
  2. Follow the instructions in the #rules channel to gain access to the server.
  3. Read the #beta-faq channel thoroughly for further instructions.

To become a tester, you'll need to follow the links that we post in the #beta-invites channel whenever we conduct a new beta invite wave. Please note that invite waves do not follow a set schedule. Please keep the following things in mind when participating in the Sky beta testing program:
  • The beta is a 100% testing environment, which is not “Early Access” nor a way to simply enjoy new content.
  • The beta is meant for testing, and beta testers are asked to provide feedback on new features and updates before they are brought to the live version of the game.
  • The beta is a completely different app than the live version of the game. This means you will not be able to transfer your live account data to beta. Likewise, you will not be able to transfer any of your beta data to the live version of the game.
  • All content in beta is subject to change with little or no notice. Not everything in beta can be expected to come to the live version of the game, and some features may change even after beta testing ends. Beta account progress may also be reset at any time to accommodate testing needs.
  • All feedback and bug reports should be submitted to associated channels in our official Discord server. Our server is English only and this rule applies to beta feedback too. You may use a translator to send posts. Please note that the other Sky social media accounts (e.g. official Twitter accounts) are for the live version and cannot collect and process beta feedback. To submit feedback, you will need to join the Discord server and send feedback through the beta feedback channel.
  • Our player support team cannot help or offer compensation for issues that occur in the beta version, but as a tester you should report any issues you may encounter in the #beta-bugs-ios or #beta-bugs-android channels. Your opinions on beta content can be shared by posting in our #beta-feedback channel.
  • There is no guarantee that you will be invited to the beta the first time you attempt to join, and even after doing so there is no guarantee that you will remain in the beta after it ends. These are due to technical limitations. If you would like to continue participating, we encourage you to stay tuned to the #beta-updates channel.
  • There are currently no rewards or compensation for participating in the beta. We expect anyone who participates wants to help us test changes for the betterment of the live game.

Important—Due to the nature of beta, much of the content that can be seen during testing is new or updated compared to the live version of the game. We want to remind testers to be mindful that many players view beta content in public spaces as spoilers—some may even consider it to be leaks. If testers want to discuss their experiences in the beta version of the game, we urge them to do so in the #beta-testing-discussion channel on our Discord server.

Here’s some etiquette we’d appreciate the current and potential beta testers keep in mind:
  • Share any thoughts, suggestions, or findings you encounter during beta testing! If you’re not sure if something is a bug, please still let us know. Even if it’s working as intended on our end, it helps us to know that it might not be clear for players.
  • Please keep posts respectful—your posts are being read by real people.
  • Access invitation links only shared by developers on #beta-invite channel in our official Discord server. We cannot guarantee the safety of any links outside of the server.
  • Utilize multiple beta dedicated channels in our server. You can talk anything about beta contents with fellow testers in #beta-testing-discussion!
  • Respect the wishes of players who do not want to be spoiled by unreleased content. We wish every player to enjoy experiencing new Sky wonders by themselves.
  • Our Discord server rules do not allow beta content to be posted or discussed on the server outside of beta channels. If sharing information outside of the server, please clearly label it as beta contents (for example, using “Beta Spoiler Alert” in titles and/or captions, using a private “locked” account or channels, choosing thumbnails that do not display beta content)

Thank you for your support and cooperation!