Sky aspires to be a safe and uplifting experience for all our players around the world. Each of you are crucial to achieving and defending that vision. As such we humbly ask that you consider these principles when playing Sky and participating in our online communities.

Every moment in Sky is meant to be better when shared. So bring your friends, and welcome those who are alone. Allow yourself and others to openly express yourselves, celebrate your differences, and learn from one another.

We wish to bring everyone a wondrous world and tales of adventure and mystery, but we cannot do it alone. So be the light that guides others through the darkness, lift them over great challenges, and impart your knowledge so they can do the same for others.

The world is alive and bustling with diverse individuals, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. So come together to build something beautiful, and share in the joy of doing it. Be good to one another, and never let your actions be at the expense of others.

Thank you for joining us, please look out for one another, and we look forward to building an amazing world with you.

Side by side. Hand in hand.

- thatgamecompany