From mobile to mobile: To play or transfer your Sky account to another device, you will need to first make sure it is linked to the account depending on which platform you would like to keep playing. See "How to save my progress..." FAQs for more information.
  • From iOS device to iOS device: you can transfer by linking to a Game Center, Apple, Google, Facebook, or Nintendo account.
  • From iOS/Android device to Android device (or vice versa): you can transfer by linking to a Google, Facebook, or Nintendo account.

Once your Sky profile is tied to one of these account types, you should:
  1. Sign into the same linked account on the device you wish to play on.
  2. Install the Sky app.
  3. Run the Sky app
  4. You may get prompted asking if you want to create a new account, click ‘Cancel’ as you already have a Sky account.
  5. Tap the log in button on the bottom of the screen, and follow any further directions to sign in to those accounts if asked.

From mobile to Nintendo Switch:  Beginning a new Sky game on Nintendo Switch will automatically link your Nintendo account to the new game, so please make sure to use your mobile device to link your current Sky account to a Nintendo account first if you wish to continue with your current mobile account on Nintendo Switch. See our account linking FAQ  “How do I link my mobile Sky account to my Nintendo Switch account?” for steps.

From Nintendo Switch to mobile: If you first start playing Sky on Nintendo Switch and want to transfer your account to a mobile device, please follow the steps 2-5 above and use the Nintendo Account to log in on your mobile device.  

If you have trouble doing this, or are unsure how to set up a Game Center, Google, or Facebook account, please feel free to Contact Us.