If you believe you have lost your account or any of your game progress, there are a few things you can try to recover:

1) Make sure you are signed into a Game Center, Apple, Gmail, Facebook, or Nintendo Account or PlayStation™Network account on your device, whichever is linked to your Sky profile. If you are not logged in, you won't see your progress.

2) If you are already logged in, try visiting the Account menu to see if you just need to restore your progress. There should be an option to abandon the new account and replace it with the original.

3) If none of these options work, please Contact Us as soon as possible. Our support agent will review your case and see what they can do to help. When contacting, it may be helpful to let us know the Sky ID you wish to recover.

You can find your unique Sky ID in the Account Menu > Account Information. We encourage you to keep a screenshot of the screen. Please remember not to share your Sky ID with others.