Yes. You can play Sky on any of the platforms it is currently available for (iOS and Android) with any of your friends and family who are also playing, even if they are on a different platform than you.

If you wish to play on a different platform you can link your Sky account using a Google account. Follow these steps to link your Sky profile:

1) Run the Sky app.

2) Tap the Cog icon in the top-right corner of the screen to open the Main menu.

3) In the Main menu, tap the Account icon to access the Account menu.

4) In the Account menu you will find multiple tabs. The Google tab will allow you to link your Sky profile to a Google account.

The Recovery Code tab will display your unique Sky ID which can be used to recover your account if it ever gets lost, so we encourage you to keep a screenshot of this. Please remember not to share your Sky ID with others.