Sky has multiple control schemes to fit your gameplay best: One-Handed Mode and two Two-Handed Mode settings.

Two-Handed Mode has the d-pad on the LEFT side. tapping Flip Sides in the Control Scheme menu will inverse this setting, bringing the d-pad to the RIGHT and camera controls to the LEFT.
Walking / Running
  • Sliding your thumb up/down/left/right on the LEFT side of the screen (the d-pad area) while on the ground will make the character run in that direction.
  • Sliding your thumb WITHIN the d-pad circle will slow your avatar’s speed to a walk.
  • Tapping the jump button on the bottom-right of the screen with your thumb will make the avatar jump forwards.
  • This can be combined with d-pad movement to change the direction of your jump.
  • Alternatively, a “flick” in any direction in the d-pad area while on the ground will make the avatar jump in that direction. This can also be used to jump off ledges/cliffs.
  • Dragging a finger from one of the avatar’s feet will cause him to “step” in that direction. Useful in social interactions and for doing selfies.

One-Handed Mode:
Walking / Running / Stepping controls are the same as above but are no longer restricted to the left (or right) side of the screen.
Camera is controlled with a Two-Finger gesture, but is no longer restricted to the right (or left) side of the screen.