There are a few different ways you can chat with other player:

Chat Benches
These can be found around the world, and with the use of a single Candle allows you and one other player to chat freely with one another while you are both sitting on the bench.

Chat Props and Spells

These can be placed into the world by players, allowing two to four players to chat simultaneously while seated. You can place two or more chat props in the same space to allow as many as eight players to chat together at the same time.
Some items, such as the Tea Set, require an action to be completed before chatting.
  • Please note that the Swing and Seesaw props do not share chat with other items, such as the Table and Hammock. Swing and Seesaw chats will only be visible to the two players using the prop.
Friendship Level Reward
Perhaps the most common way to chat with other players is unlocking the chat feature with them. You do this by giving them Candles to increase your friendship level with them. Once you have reached a certain level of friendship, you will be able to chat with them any time you are together.