While most of Sky’s seasonal content can be experienced by all players, Season Pass holders will gain a special seasonal pendant and have the opportunity to collect unique cosmetics items, among other bonuses described below.
Purchasing the Season Pass, or receiving a Gift Pass from a friend, will grant the following benefits for the duration of the Season:
-Seasonal pendant accessory which can be accessed in the closet at any time.
-You instantly gain 30 Seasonal Candles, with an additional Seasonal Candle waiting for you at Home each day while the Season is active.
-The opportunity to unlock additional rewards from Seasonal Spirits, including cosmetics, blessings, sheet music, and emote upgrades.
-The opportunity to obtain the Season’s Ultimate Gifts. Currently, seasonal Ultimate Gifts are only obtainable while the Season is active and if a player has the Season Pass. Please check "What is the Ultimate Gift and do I need the Season Pass to receive it?" for more information.
For more information about acquiring the Season Pass, please see our “How do I acquire the Season Pass?” FAQ.
For more information on giving Gift Passes, please see our "How do I gift the Season Pass?" FAQ.
Important - Seasonal Spirits—excluding Quest Giver Spirits—will return to the game after the Season concludes as Traveling Spirits. When they do, all players will have the opportunity to unlock their rewards without having to own the Season Pass. This returning content does not include the pendant and Ultimate Gifts. It should be noted that the cost of each item that returns will be greater than when they were originally available. Furthermore, there is no guarantee of when a Seasonal Spirit will be back or return at a future date, and these features are subject to change. Please check "What is a Traveling Spirit?" for more information.
Please note:
  • A Season Pass holder will receive all the benefits listed above from any platform. The bundled Seasonal Candles (purchased currency) however will stay on the respective platform that it was purchased from (mobile and PlayStation platforms share the same currency in Sky and can be used interchangeably. However,  currency purchased on Nintendo Switch can only be used on the Switch version of Sky)
  • If you purchase a Gift Pass (either as a Gift Pack or Single Gift Pass), the pass will need to be gifted from the platform you originally bought it on (mobile and PlayStation platforms share the Gift passes in Sky and can be used interchangeably to gift them, however, any Season Passes purchased on the Nintendo Switch can only be gifted while playing on the Switch)
  • The 30 Seasonal Candles that come bundled with the Gift Pass will be available for your friend on all the platforms they use on their side
For more information on the difference between purchased and earned candles and other information about platform restrictions in Sky, please see our  “How do Candles work between mobile and Nintendo Switch for Sky?” and "How do candles work between PlayStation and other platforms?" FAQs.