There are a couple ways to acquire the Adventure Pass. The first method is by purchasing it through the in-game store when the season is active and the other is receiving it as a gift from a friend.

If you are purchasing the Adventure Pass for yourself, there are two options. You can either purchase the Adventure Pass by itself, for yourself; or the Adventure Pack, which contains an Adventure Pass for yourself, and 2 Gift Pass tokens that you can give to friends.

If you have an active Adventure Pass, then when the Season is active you will have the ability to purchase additional Gift Passes in case you wish to give more passes away to your friends. These Gift Pass tokens will not expire, and can be used in later seasons to grant your friends access to whichever season is active that time.

To receive a Gift Pass from a friend, you must meet with them in Sky and have been in-game friends for at least three days. Please see “How do I Gift the Adventure Pass?” for more information on how Gift Passes work.