First, ensure that in-app purchases are enabled from your device settings, and check any parental controls, as this may be the cause of one or more of your issues.

If in-app purchasing is enabled on your device, and for your account in general, and you are still unable to access the game store or purchase certain items, it may be for one of the following reasons:
  1. You have already purchased one or more of the items, and we do not allow you to purchase it again. This would apply to things that should only be purchased once like cosmetics or cosmetic packages that contain an item you already have.
  2. You must purchase another item before this one will be accessible to you. In the case of single Gift Pass purchases, you cannot purchase them until you have bought either the single Season Pass for yourself or the Season Pass pack.
The item or package has not yet been approved or enabled, and while it is meant to be available for purchase it has not yet been made so. Typically this will be resolved within 48 hours.
  1. The item may not be available for purchase yet. Please double check the dates the item is supposed to be available, and keep in mind that most dates and times are posted in PST/PDT.
  2. Purchases for your region are not supported through Apple (iOS devices) or Google (Android devices).
  3. There is an issue with your payment method. Please make sure your payment method is valid, and that you’re signed in to the correct Apple or Google account on your device. You may also need to make sure you have enough funds to cover the purchase and any applicable regional taxes.
  4. You are participating in Beta testing, where the store works much differently than in the Live version of the game. Because the Beta version is for testing purposes, the Beta Store is often missing items or has items and pricing that are still subject to change.
If none of these cases explain what you are experiencing, please feel free to Contact Us.