If while playing Sky you encounter any inappropriate behavior, especially if it breaks the Terms of Service or Code of Conduct defined by TGC, we encourage you to report it using the Report button. If this player is one of your friends, you should also consider using the Mute or Block features if you no longer want to interact with that player.
Follow these steps to Report a player:
  1. Tap on the character you want to report to open the Social menu. If you are not already friends with them, you will need to illuminate them (light them up) with your Candle first.
  2. On the right-side of the social menu, there is a button to Report the player.
  3. Tapping this will open a text field that will allow you to provide details about the inappropriate behavior.
  4. After detailing what they are doing that is inappropriate, and when and where it happened, tap the Send button to submit the report to our team.

If you wish to report a friend from your constellation, a report button was added at the top of the menu when viewing a friended player in the Friendship Constellation. To view this button, you will need to scroll up in the menu.

If you encounter any inappropriate behavior in our Official Discord server, please send a DM to the TGC Community staff member mentioned in the servers FAQ channel. Be sure to include when and where you saw it, and why you felt it was inappropriate. Reported submissions are reviewed by TGC to determine next steps.
Important - To preserve the privacy of all parties involved, we do not disclose the information gathered in the investigation or the actions taken against any player as a result of a report. This includes not disclosing information to the person submitting the report.
TGC is not responsible for the activities that occur in unofficial networks and groups, or between people outside these networks, groups, and the game. If you experience any inappropriate behavior within any other network, please consider reporting them directly to the platform. Here are links to the report systems for a number of popular services: