WARNING - The following content contains spoilers for anyone who has not already played the game's main narrative adventure. Read at your own risk.

The Eye of Eden is the seventh zone in the Kingdom of Sky. Within it comes the greatest challenge you will face. The area is swarmed with Dark Dragons, Dark Matter, and a perilous Storm bent on sapping your light as you strive to bring the lost stars home.

A finite number of Winged Light can be shepherded through the Storm each week. For doing so, you receive Ascended Candles to upgrade your friendship with Ancient Spirits or other players. Each week Eden resets on Sunday at 00:00 PST/UTC-8 (PDT/UTC-7 during Daylight Saving Time), when players are able to deposit more Winged Light in the Storm.

If your character dies while there are still other players participating in Storm, then after a few minutes you will see a prompt asking if you’d like to move on to the next stage. You can choose to continue your journey, or remain with the other players. This prompt will repeat until you either choose to move on, or all players have died.