Greetings Adventurers!

The Season of Rhythm continues, and we have a new update with special content to celebrate our Days of Love event. Check out the details below.

Days of Love
  • Celebrate the newest holiday event with your friends in Sky! Days of Love begins on Wednesday February 12th at 12:00 PST (UTC-8) and ends on Wednesday February 19th at 12:00 PST(UTC-8).
  • All players who log in during the event may speak to the Quest Giver in Home by tapping on the heart icon to receive four (4) Days of Love Swing spells for free. These spells are yours to keep after the event concludes.
  • Those who wish to obtain a permanent version of the Days of Love Swing will be able to purchase it from the Shop. 
    • Days of Love Pack will only be available for purchase during the event.
    • Pack contains Days of Love Swing and an Adventure Pass Gift Pass for $19.99 USD.
      • Gift Passes do not expire and can be used on future seasons. As of Patch 0.8.0 each Gift Pass includes the 20 bonus Seasonal Candles.
      • Please note the Gift Pass cannot be used on yourself.

How the Days of Love Swing Works:

  • Can be placed anywhere, similar to bonfire and chat table items.
  • Allows two players to chat while seated.
  • When two players are seated, hearts will begin to appear after 30 seconds and will continue to grow in intensity for the next few minutes. 

Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Removed teleport home statue at Valley of Triumph ice rink to reflect similar changes in other zones.
  • Calls and Stances will no longer show up in list of most recently used Expressions once they have been replaced with other expressions. 
  • Cheer Spirit Quest is no longer repeatable if Expression has been collected.
  • Fixed a bug where the Valley of Triumph and Golden Wasteland Seasonal spirits were floating in the air.
  • Fixed the issue of missing Treasure candles in Vault of Knowledge.
  • Reverted a previously patched out-of-bounds area in Isle of Dawn that was a fan favorite.
  • Players can once again venture out-of-bounds from the Valley of Triumph temple.
  • Fixed error where treasure candles (large red candle clusters) were not appearing in Vault of Knowledge and Golden Wasteland.
  • Fixed issue where treasure candles were spawning in more than one zone.
  • Fixed issue where Seasonal Spirit Quest in Valley of Triumph (Juggle) could not be completed.
  • Fixed issue where Sneak spirit in Golden Wasteland was floating and could not be accessed.
  • [Android] Fixed issue where additional levels would fail to download if app was repeatedly closed during download.
  • Fixed crash that occurred when completing a Valley of Triumph race for the first time.
  • Fixed issue where players could not resume their progress in Eden from the new resume checkpoint meditation circle.
  • Fixed issue where non-seasonal Daily Quests were not awarding the correct amount of wax.
  • Fixed issue where players were having difficulty with Restore Purchase function in Shop.
  • Fixed visual bug when using certain Expressions while running.
  • Fixed issue where Purchase Successful screen could not be closed after buying Adventure Pass.
  • [Android] Fixed issue where Japanese Keyboard is unavailable during chat on some devices.
  • Fixed issue where Constellation Gate to Valley of Triumph Citadel could be bypassed without meeting its criteria.
  • Fixed issue where masks stopped glowing after visiting the Closet.
  • Fixed issue of persistent red dot notifier in the Expression Menu.
  • Fixed issue of Whale Call Spirit requiring 99 Ascended Candles to unlock upper portion of friendship tree.
  • Fixed various typos in text hints.
  • Fixed visual bug where another player’s stars would persist after that player had left the area or logged off.
  • Fixed issue where Dark Plants would take longer to burn than expected.
  • Fixed unintended clipping of clouds through terrain in Valley of Triumph.
  • Fixed issue where players wearing Shrink Mask (Chibi) would return to normal size if their light became extinguished.
  • Added ability to invert y-axis controls while flying when using a controller.
  • Improved ability for friends to stay connected while in the same level.
  • Improved lighting and textures in some areas of Eye of Eden.
  • Improvements to supported graphics options for high and low end devices.
  • Restored missing bonfire spells for impacted players.
  • Fixed issue impacting ability to complete Spirit Quest for the Cry Expression in Hidden Forest.
  • Added new meditation prompts at Gratitude Shrines.
  • Removed two candle clusters from the ground floor of Vault of Knowledge.
  • Fixed recharge animation on the Juggler cape.
  • Added Days Remaining counter to Gratitude Fur Cape Pack in the Shop.
As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!