Traveling Spirits offer players new and old alike another chance to acquire offerings from previous Seasonal Spirits. A new Traveling Spirit will appear in Home every two weeks, and their memories will become available to relive for players who may have missed their stories. Traveling Spirits’ friendship trees will also have other items for players who have already collected their expressions or cosmetics. You will only be able to interact with the Traveling Spirits in-person while they are currently visiting for the weekend, so make sure to develop your friendship with the Spirits before they move on.

Returning Spirits may occasionally appear with a larger group of Spirits from previous events. We plan on doing these events over the course of the year while gathering player feedback, so be on the lookout!

How can I see the Traveling Spirit? I can’t see the Traveling Spirit.
Players must have completed the Valley of Triumph in order for the Traveling Spirit to appear in Home.

When do Traveling Spirits appear in Home?
Traveling Spirits will appear every two weeks, whether or not there is an active Seasonal event.

Traveling Spirits will be available beginning on Thursday 00:00 PST/UTC-8 (PDT/UTC-7 during Daylight Saving Time) and will depart the following Sunday at 23:59 PST/UTC-8 (PDT/UTC-7 during Daylight Saving Time) for a total of 96 hours. A countdown will reflect how much time is remaining before their departure when you interact with the spirit in Home.

How much will items cost from Traveling Spirits?
Currency costs will be different from their original Season’s appearance, and require more effort to obtain. The items will use the following currencies: Candles (non-seasonal), Hearts, and Ascended Candles.

What can I get from Traveling Spirits if I already have their cosmetics, expressions, etc?
An additional Wing Buff may be obtained from these Traveling Spirits with Ascended Candles.

Why can’t I see the new Wing Buff rewards? How can I acquire Wing Buffs from Traveling Spirits?
You will need to complete the Eye of Eden at the finale of the main Sky story to receive these Wing Buffs. This does not need to take place before the Traveling Spirit departs.

Can I purchase items again? Do I have to purchase items again?
If you already own an item offered by the Traveling Spirit, it will appear unlocked in the Spirit’s friendship tree. This includes Hearts and some Blessings.

How will I know which Traveling Spirit will appear next?
The order Traveling Spirits appear is random. We will tease on Discord and Social Media which Spirit is arriving next.

When will a Seasonal Spirit be eligible to return as a Traveling Spirit?
Seasonal Spirits won’t be eligible to return as Traveling Spirits until the next full Season has passed.

How many times will a Traveling Spirit appear?
Traveling Spirits can, and will, appear more than once.

Can I unlock Seasonal Pendants and/or Ultimate Gifts from Traveling Spirits? I missed getting these items from the store or the Seasonal Pass.
Seasonal Pendants and Ultimate Gifts will not appear on the Traveling Spirits in exchange for in-game currency. We plan to bring these items back in another capacity but we have not settled on what that will look like or the costs associated with it.