While this is possible to do, we advise against doing so because of the technical complications it can cause for all of the accounts involved.

Technical complications include:

  • The purchased item(s) switching accounts by means of the Restore Purchase feature.

  • It can prevent one or both players from making similar purchases.

  • Game progress can accidentally be tied to someone else's account.

  • It exposes your Sky profile to potential theft, fraud and unregulated markets.

Important - Due to the potential complications this can cause, our support team will be unable to resolve any issues caused by these kinds of purchases.

We appreciate the intentions most players have in wishing to make a purchase for friends or family. A gift feature to gift is now available which allows you to purchase IAP items for friends in-game. Please consider using the feature, and refrain from sharing any login information. You can read details about the IAP Gifting in the FAQ page:  What is Gifting in-app purchase items to friends, and how does it work?

Alternatively, you can purchase gift cards from Apple, Google, Nintendo or PlayStation to send to others without risking any personal information, OR you can use official family/group plans for each of the following platforms: