For the protection of the community and Sky players of all ages, Sky has an integrated and closely managed chat filter system that attempts to prevent risky or disruptive messages from being sent. 

As of March 1st 2024, Sky’s chat filters have gone through an extensive overhaul based on the feedback received from the community and the findings from our own ongoing internal reviews and audits. 

Key improvements include:

  • Comprehensive multi-language support, to better serve our global community 

  • Lower false positive rates, so more innocuous chat messages are allowed through

  • Contextual machine learning models continually trained on Sky chat through human moderation

As always, to maintain a family-friendly environment and for the safety of all Sky players, our chat filters will attempt to block any chat containing violent language, sexual topics, verbal abuse, identity hate, profanity, drug use, threats against others, spam, link sharing, personal identifiable information, or any other chat that does not abide by our Community Rules & Guidelines for here:

Additionally, chat filters are also calibrated based on where the chat message is sent in-game:

  • Message Candles/Boats (Gratitude Shrine)

  • Public Chat (bench, table, bonfire, swing set, etc.)

  • Friend Chat (unlocked chat between friends)

Message Candles/Boats and public chat channels are more restrictive, as these messages may be seen by players of all ages and by players who are not yet friends.

Friend chat is slightly less restrictive, with the expectation that friends have built a relationship and understanding of each others' boundaries, and will respect them when speaking with each other. If you feel your boundaries are not being respected, we encourage you to tell your friends how their speech makes you feel and consider muting, blocking, and/or reporting.

Important! Even though it is an official Sky URL, we have prevented the sharing of friend invitation links and QR codes within the game because it was meant to be something shared in person with each other. We have also seen this and other links used maliciously, to scam and abuse players in the game. Please share friend invites personally, and always remember to keep your personal information, such as name, age, location, or contact information, safe and private.

Each part of the chat filter is a work in progress that will continue to evolve as the community grows. If you encounter any issues with the chat filter, or harassment from other players, we ask that you contact our Sky Player Support team as soon as possible.