To protect our players, we have integrated and continue to manage a chat filter system that will prevent certain disruptive conversations from happening, or even starting within the game. Part of this process has been separating out chat filter into three distinct categories, depending on where the message is being sent.

  1. Message Candles (gratitude shrine)
  2. Public Chat (bench, table, bonfire, swing set)
  3. Friend Chat (unlocked chat between friends)

The Message Candle filter is the most aggressive of the three, because these messages are the most likely to be see by the most players. This filter will prevent all URLs, anything that hints at personal information, and any inappropriate language. Because of how cautious this filter is, it might prevent otherwise appropriate messages. If you encounter such a thing, please reach out to our customer support so we can investigate and make improvements.

The Public Chat filter is slightly more forgiving, allowing for more candid conversations between players who have not really gotten to know each other yet. Here, players can be more expressive, perhaps even in ways that might be a little more mature, such as swearing, but it should not contain any language that would be directly hurtful to other players.

The Friend Chat filter is the least restrictive of them all, even allowing for some URLs to be shared, some personal information such as first names, and much more expressive language. The expectation is that friends have built a relationship and understanding of each others' boundaries, and will respect them when speaking with each other. If this is not the case, we encourage you to tell your friends how their speech makes you feel.

Because there are still a lot of young people who play the game, we need to make an effort to protect them from those who might have malicious intent, and that can mean restricting what can be shared. There are some exceptions to the limitations mentioned above, including official Sky URLS for Discord, Twitter, and other social platforms, and some words commonly used to describe Sky content that in some contexts could be used inappropriately like the word "die". If you encounter a player who is saying hurtful things to you or others, please consider blocking them, and contact customer support so they can review the issue.

Important - Even though it is an official Sky URL, we have prevented the sharing of friend invitation links and QR codes (aka the https:// and https:// within the game because it was meant to be something you would share in person with each other. We have also seen this and other links used maliciously, to scam and abuse players in the game.

Each part of the chat filter is a work in progress that will grow and evolve as the community grows. If you encounter any issues with the chat filter, or harassment from other players, we ask that you contact our customer support team immediately.