[Important note: the build number mismatch will not impact matchmaking between Android and iOS. However, players will not be able to warp to friends on a different platform until a fix is applied in the next patch (0.9.2).]

Greetings Adventurers,

This update includes bug fixes and updates in preparation for the upcoming Season of Enchantment.

Adventure Pass Pre-order

Introduced in Patch 0.9.0, you can now pre-order the Adventure Pass and receive 10 additional bonus Seasonal Candles, for a total of 30. The Adventure Pass grants you access to unique cosmetics available for a limited time. It may be a long time before these items return at an increased cost through the Traveling Spirits. Please note the pre-order bonus is for purchasers of the pre-order, Gift Pass recipients will not receive the pre-order bonus, but they will still receive the normal 20 bonus Seasonal Candles that comes with all Adventure Passes. Gift Passes cannot be given to the recipient until the season begins.

Ongoing and Upcoming Events

Push Notifications

Be sure to have push notifications enabled to receive event reminders! Depending on scheduled in-game events, we would like to use this feature once or twice a month. We will still announce events on the in-game Message of the Day screen when you first launch the game, as well as announcements on Social Media and the Official Sky Discord.

Days of Spring Conclusion Reminder

This event ends at 12 noon PDT (UTC-7) on April 13th.

Days of Nature

Join us in celebrating Earth Day by making a difference in the real world! We have partnered with One Tree Planted (https://onetreeplanted.org/) to plant a tree with every purchase of the Days of Nature pack. The commemorative Days of Nature cape is yours to keep.

Traveling Spirit

The next Traveling Spirit will arrive on April 16th and will resume the biweekly schedule when the season begins.

New Additions and Changes

In our continued effort to enhance new player experience we are making improvements to the following:

Constellation Menu
  • If you have not collected every Expression from a Realm. The Constellation Menu will show you how many Expressions you are missing.
  • Once all Expressions are collected, the Constellation Menu will show the completion percentage of items you have unlocked for that Realm.
  • Improved visibility of the Elder Star in each Constellation, functionality has not changed.
  • These changes will also be reflected in Seasonal Constellations.

Isle of Dawn
Moved the first Winged Light from the ledge of the first cave when you enter the level.

Other Changes
Golden Wasteland
The first area after the social hub received a makeover to accommodate the upcoming Season. The boat will remain inactive until the Season of Enchantment begins.


With the coming of Spring, the Ice Rink will be retired and Home will return to its original appearance.

Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed issue where blocked players could not be unblocked.
  • Vast improvements to player connectivity with friends.
  • Fixed an issue with the friendship tree UI partially displaying off-screen.
  • Future real world Holiday IAP items will no longer be locked behind visiting the Secret Area to purchase. This change does not apply to the Founder’s Pack.
  • The Skykid in the Secret Area has something to say once again.
  • Spirits and the constellation rock in Home should once again recharge your cape
  • Changed the matchmaking to the secret area entrance
  • Fixed an issue with a checkpoint in Eye of Eden
  • Removed the non-functional UI elements of the not-yet-implemented translation feature.
  • Fixed issue where chat bubble had an incorrect width limit.
  • Fixed issue where acquiring the Ghost Manta call did not require first obtaining the Manta call

    As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at discord.gg/thatskygame!