[Update - May 8]

We want to acknowledge that we were unable to identify a fix before the cutoff for the upcoming 0.9.2 patch. We are still working on this issue, but it is proving to be a trickier fix than we originally anticipated.

We apologize for the inconvenience this is causing impacted players and appreciate your patience as we continue to work on a solution.

[Update - April 17]

We are still investigating the cause for, and a solution to, the crash issues many Android players are experiencing in various levels.

[Update - April 13]
We are aware these crashes are occurring in Golden Wasteland and Eye of Eden in addition to Hidden Forest and are still investigating the issue. The 0.9.1 Patch on April 13th was approved and submitted before these issues came to light and does not have a fix included in the update.

[April 6]
Forest Level Crash
Some players have reported that their game crashes while playing through the Forest level.

The team is aware and investigating these issues and hope to provide solutions as soon as possible. It may require an update to solve some or all of these issues, so please be patient and keep an eye on our social networks for more information.