When you purchase a Gift Pack, you will receive two Gift Passes that you can give to your friends. These Gift Passes will not expire and can be used in later Seasons to grant your friends access to whichever Season is active at that time.

If you have a Season Pass, you will have the ability to purchase additional individual Gift Passes during the seasonal event.

To give a Gift Pass to a friend, you will need to meet with them in-game and open the friendship tree by tapping on their character. There will be a Gift Pass icon next to the Hand Hold emote (see image below), and tapping this icon will allow you to offer the Gift Pass to your friend. Once your friend accepts, they will unlock the Season Pass and all of its benefits.

Once you have given a Gift Pass to a friend, it will automatically activate for them and cannot be re-gifted. You cannot use Gift Passes on yourself.

In order to give a Gift Pass to a friend, the following criteria must be met:
  • Be friends with the recipient for 3 days
  • Be in-person with the recipient to access their friendship tree in-game
  • The recipient must not already own a Season Pass for the current Season
  • Gift Passes can only be given during an active Season