Yes. We encourage our players to create and share fan made content with their friends, family, and especially the Sky community. We see this as an opportunity for everyone to share and express their Sky experience with others, and we love to see all the amazing things people create.

Fan made content refers to any work that includes intellectual properties (IP) owned by TGC. Such fan made content including, but is not limited to; fan art, music, animations, websites, and videos.

We set no limitations on how creators choose to depict the characters, setting, or events of our IPs in their work. We cherish artistic freedom and will not target work solely because we disagree with the content. However, content shared within our official social channels are still beholden to the Code of Conduct of those channels.

Disclaimer - These guidelines do not grant a copyright license to any fan made content; and TGC reserves the right to issue a formal takedown request for any reason.

If any of this is unclear, does not properly represent your intended work, or you just have questions; please feel free to contact our customer support team.