Yes! We encourage our players, fan communities, corporations, and any organizations to create and share live and pre-recorded content with their friends, family, and especially the Sky community. We see this as an opportunity for everyone to share their unique Sky experience with us and the world, and we love to see all the amazing things people do.

If you choose to do this, it must be made clear that the content is not an official TGC channel, and such content cannot be used for any purpose or promotion of anything that is not related to TGC intellectual properties (IP).

We understand that many modern video and streaming services have the opportunity to generate revenue by means of ads, sponsorship, and partnership with the platforms. We find this an acceptable practice for all content creators as long as these guidelines are honored.

For the purposes of generating revenue from videos and/or live-streaming Sky content, your content and/or projects may not make use of or contain extracted assets from the official product, nor the use of third party APK files, including but not limited to character models, icons, music, sounds, logos, et al. Extracted assets refer to the 2D and 3D interfaces, models, and renderings pulled directly from game application files, or APK downloads of these files. A recreation of these assets include any art assets created to an indistinguishable level of detail.

Disclaimer: These guidelines do not grant an intellectual property (trademark, copyright or otherwise) license to any person or entity creating or publishing content. For example, you are prohibited from using TGC logos or marks (e.g., Sky) in your works. TGC reserves all rights at equity and law (including, without limitation, the right to issue formal takedown and cease and desist requests).

If any of this is unclear, does not properly represent your intended work, or you just have questions; please feel free to contact the Sky Player Support Team by submitting a ticket in-game for the quickest response.