Fan-made art and products can be created and distributed for non-profit only. It must also be made clear that the content is not official TGC merchandise in all places it is available. Such content cannot be used for any purpose or promotion of anything that is not related to the TGC source IP, nor can be used to be traded for in-game currency.

TGC may from time to time host Sky Fan-Centric Events, which may involve the sale of fan merchandise. Please refer to our websites (, to find out when these opportunities are available.

Fan made content refers to any work that includes intellectual properties (IP) owned by TGC. Such fan made content including, but is not limited to; fan art, merchandise products, animations and websites.

You may create and distribute your fan art or products online if you operate from your own website, or a 3rd party website as long as their guidelines allow it. If you do this, you must still manufacture, control inventory and ship all of the art or merchandise yourself. You must abide by all of the rules set by any service you use, which means if such a service would restrict copyrighted material to be sold or distributed, you should not distribute your fan made content on that site.

Fans may not sell such content by uploading it to mass production websites that provide an automatic or print on demand service that sells the fan art for you. Examples include, but are not limited to; Redbubble, and Society6. 

Furthermore, any fan made content that contains official TGC assets may never be sold under any circumstance, which includes logos, concept art, in-game assets, and screenshots of the games.

Disclaimer - These guidelines do not grant a copyright license to any fan made content; and TGC reserves the right to issue a formal takedown request for any reason.

If any of this is unclear, does not properly represent your intended work, or you just have questions; please feel free to contact our customer support team.