Greetings Adventurers!
The Season of Enchantment has many secrets yet to be revealed. Continue helping the Spirits rebuild the new area tucked away in Golden Wasteland

Season of Enchantment

A new quest appears each Monday to help the spirits rebuild the mysterious area buried in the sands of Golden Wasteland. Please note the sixth and final quest to retrieve the orange light will not be available until June 11th. When you talk to the questgiver, there will be a countdown timer detailing the time remaining until the next quest to recover the colored light and return it to them. These quests are not Seasonal, award Regular Hearts, and will be available to complete after the Season of Enchantment has concluded. Once the area has been fully restored, the end of season cutscene will become available to view for anyone who has completed all six quests to recover the colored light. 

Upcoming Events
Days of Healing - COVID Relief Pack and Double Heart Event

As part of our ongoing #PlayApartTogether campaign participation, we are proud to announce we are partnering with Doctors Without Borders to support COVID-19 relief efforts. Beginning at 12 noon PDT (UTC-7) May 18th, we will be offering the Healing Pack for $19.99 USD. This pack comes with 75 regular Candles as well as a flower accessory to show your support. 100% of the proceeds (net receipts) from this purchase will benefit global relief efforts of COVID-19. This pack will be available until 12 noon PDT (UTC-7) June 22nd.

During the Days of Healing, we will be holding a double heart event beginning 12 noon PDT (UTC-7) May 18th through 12 noon PDT (UTC-7) May 25th. All hearts and gifts of light will be doubled while the event is active. 

Learn more about Doctors Without Borders COVID-19 relief efforts here:

Changes and Bug Fixes
  • Chat between players on the swing is no longer able to be seen by players at a chat table or bonfire
  • Scaling fix for non retina displays
  • Removed Spirit Gates at the entrance to the following temples:
    • Isle of Dawn
    • Daylight Prairie
    • Hidden Forest
  • Fixed text overlapping with icons in Spirits’ Friendship Trees
  • Fixed candle icon in menu and prompt screens that was missing for certain languages
  • Added additional multi-region network support to reduce connection timeout errors and reduce lag
  • Fixed skinning issues on some Spirits
  • Moved some jars in Daylight Prairie Temple so players will no longer become stuck in the narrow spaces
  • [Android] Fixed error causing drift issues experienced by some players
  • Moved Lightseekers Seasonal Spirit start point in Hidden Forest so it should no longer activate when it is not the current Traveling Spirit
  • [Android] Fixed issue where three finger gestures would cause input lock
  • Fixed issue where new players could get stuck in Isle of Dawn tutorial if they did not pick up the first Winged Light to obtain their cape
  • Adjusted the appearance of Season of Enchantment Ultimate Gift Turban to be a little more magical
  • Fixed issue where the background in the Nest area of Daylight Prairie was showing the wrong version of Eden
  • Fixed issue where dialog hints would spill off screen if they were too long
  • Fixed issue where Seasonal pendants would clip into the torso on very tall and very short players
  • Fixed issue where the head on very tall players would clip through the top of some hairstyles
  • Fixed issue where idle players would sit through some cutscenes unintentionally
  • Increased quest activation region for the ghost manta voice in Vault of Knowledge
  • Removed Season of Rhythm Juggle Spirit that was still accessible by going out of bounds in Valley of Triumph after the season concluded.
  • Optimizations for textures, meshes, and file compression
  • Fixed issue where Constellation UI spilled off screen on device with a wider aspect ratio than 16:9
  • Improvements to UI on tablets when letterbox aspect is disabled.
  • Additional height and scale fixes for shaded (unlit) players
  • Number of starting candles on brand new accounts changed from 5 to 3
  • [Android] Added screen on startup that checks all minimum device requirements, if any requirements are not met, a box will appear unchecked 
  • [Android] Changed UI text alignment to use different logic. Languages that read right to left are still not fully supported at this time.
  • Fixed clipping issue with cape when using the Playfight expression
  • Fixed clipping issue with Wizard hat when using Weasel mask
  • Changed Resize Potion so new height is always noticeably shorter or taller than your height before using the potion.
  • Removed the 4 mushrooms in Forgotten Ark located in the air and beneath the terrain. This was a leftover asset that was not meant to make it into the live game. 
  • Increased number of friends displayed on the Favorite Friends Constellation to 25 (was 13)
  • Reduced size of friend stars to reduce overlap on smaller screens
  • Changed stars in Friend Constellation to differentiate better those whose candles were recently lit and those that were not 
  • Removed candles located out of bounds in Valley of Triumph
  • Fixed clipping issues with cape when using Sneak stance
  • Updated icon for Cyan (Beta and Founders) Capes to further distinguish from Teal Cape
  • Fixed issue with camera when holding a friend’s hand in Valley of Triumph and Forgotten Ark
  • Changed Season of Enchantment end date to June 21st (was June 14th)
  • Fixed issue with capes obtained via IAP not equipping upon purchase
  • Fixed issue with Wipe Brow spirit husk appearing underground
  • Adjusted matching at Home to meet with friends more often
  • Removed ability to auto-follow players you are not friends with
  • Icons for other players in an area are now hidden when you call unless you are friends with them
  • Added a new Winged Light to Vault of Knowledge
  • Changes to stepping controls in two-handed mode: you can now long press on your character and slide your finger to be in line with stepping controls in one-handed mode

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!