[Update - May 19]
Issues with the strikeout text have been fixed with the 0.9.4 hot fix updates. We hope to have the remaining issues fixed in a future patch.

[May 18 2020]

Thanks to the community's reports, we are aware of a number of bugs introduced in May 14th 0.9.2 Patch and are actively working on a hotfix in the near future to address them. These issues include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Multiple issues involving the white poppy flower accessory from the Healing Pack impacting props' appearance and functionality.
    • equipping a phantom lithophone/xylophone on top of any other equipped prop.
    • accessory is unequipped when headphones appear on iOS.
    • When the poppy is equipped, other props are not correctly displayed on players' backs.
    • When equipped with certain hair and hats, the poppy is hidden or appears detached from the head completely.
  • Texture of the ice at the Valley of Triumph ice rink appearing sandy or ashy.
  • A blessing on the Sneak stance Spirit's friendship tree incorrectly requiring the Adventure Pass to unlock.
  • Saved screenshots have a pixellated line across the image.
  • Performance optimizations causing overheating on some devices.
  • Players being sent out of bounds when trying to play through the Hidden Forest temple cutscene.
  • Some confirmation text popups are missing the confirmation checkmark in some languages and are only displaying the cancel icon.

We apologize for the inconvenience these issues may cause until a fix can be applied. Thank you for your continued patience.