To play Sky on Android in China, you will need to download the official Chinese version from NetEase's website:

Important - Only the NetEase's official Android version of Sky will be supported in the China region. Android accounts on unsupported versions will likely experience issues including but not limited to; downloading new content, difficulty saving progress, and the inability to make purchases. Likewise, our customer support staff will be unable to support these accounts due to technical limitations.

Neither NetEase or thatgamecompany's customer service will be able to transfer any account information or progress. We apologize for this inconvenience.

To avoid this, we encourage you to download the official Android version of Sky from NetEase. The NetEase team will provide a stable version of the game, and support all players within the China region. The NetEase customer support team can be contacted at NetEase's official Sina Weibo account: @光遇手游


想要在中国区安卓上玩Sky,需要从网易官网下载官方中文版: - 中国区只支持网易官方安卓版Sky。不支持版本的安卓账号将可能会遇到包括但不限于;下载新内容、保存进度困难、无法购买等问题。同样,由于技术限制,我们的客服人员也将无法支持这些账号。