Once the Forgotten Ark has been fully restored by collecting the six colored light quests, players will gain access to the Spell Shop. There are three stalls with a variety of Scrolls, Spells, and Potions. Which items are available will vary from day to day, so check back often to see what is offered. There is a limit to how many items can be forged per day and per week.

Items in the Shops can be forged in exchange for the following currencies:
Ascended Candles

Here is a list of items that can be found at each of the Shop’s stalls:

Message Boat

Grow (Height Tall)
Shrink (Height Short/Chibi)
Huge (Scale Large)
Tiny (Scale Small)
Fast Recharge
Summer Lights Lantern

Instant Recharge
Important - Temporary spell durations have been changed so that all spells last 10 minutes (except Anti-Gravity, lasting 5 minutes). Likewise, you cannot have more than 100 of each spell at a time.

To see the time remaining on a spell’s duration, tap on the wing buff in the top center of your screen, then tap on the bottom left corner to display the counter.

If you wish to end a spell effect early, tap two times and it will ask if you want to cancel the buff, tap a third time to confirm and the spell will end early.

Resize potions are permanent. Please see the Resize Potion FAQ for more information.

There is a Sleepy Traveling Merchant who sometimes visits the Home space. Their boat has Spells, Scrolls, and Potions for sale, including limited event Spells. Please see our “Who is the Sleepy Traveling Merchant, and what does the boat in Home do?” FAQ for more information.